Marino Rocks Greenway changes at corner East Ave and Cromer Parade

Does anyone know where I can see details of the changes to the intersection at East Ave/Cromer Parade to "improve" the bikeway that passes through there?

There's lots of paint on both sides of the intersection and it looks like it could be a real minefield of traffic islands. I think they start work on it soon

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Thanks - some good improvements there. I've been using this route ever since the Tram Overpass got taken out of service (and by the looks of it, so have quite a lot of other people) and it can get a bit messy at this intersection

The only thing that worries me about the new layout is at the Cromer Parade exit. Drivers of cars leaving Cromer Parade will be looking RIGHT (up East Ave) but will (on occassion) have bikes riding west down that green bike lane and then crossing East Ave on the drivers left. I can see situations where drivers look right, hit the gas as they turn left and then take out cyclists who have come up on their left hand side.

But I have been wondering about the road rule that when you turn onto a road, you have to give way to pedestrians crossing that road (ARR 67). Do bicycles counts as pedestrians in that case? Does that make it less clear? (i.e. does that ARR say that cars turning left into East Tce must give way to bicycles?)

If it's ambiguous, I'd be happy for ambiguity to be removed by a sign at the bicycle crossing saying something like "Give way to all traffic".

I'll add, I think the ideal would have been to switch the Cromer Parade exits around: the car exit on the left (which left-turning cycles could also use), and the cycles-only, straight-ahead, no-need-to-stop-on-train-signals lane on the right. i.e. the existing configuration, but with an extra traffic island. I think this would make everything more intuitive (in both directions), and hence safer.

I assume it's not being done that way because of space constraints, so I'm dreaming rather than complaining.

Yeah I agree. I'm not a fan of a contraflow bike lane on the left. Its just going to end in tears at some point. I've looked at the new traffic islands and it'll be like Frome St all over again with cars using the bike lane to turn left from Cromer into East Ave.

That was my impression this afternoon as well. Will wait and see though ...

I had my first experience of this situation tonight (car and I were both on Cromer Parade approaching East Tce, I was going straight ahead, the car was on my right and preparing to do a left turn in front of me), and I didn't especially like it. I hung back slightly to make it clear that I was giving way, but it would have been much better if the car was on my left.

Went through this today and, although it's unfinished (and I had to ride around a bunch of cones and bunting), I can see that it's going to be more difficult for someone like me.

"Someone like me"?

I approach from the south on East ave and turn right onto Cromer pde. To do so I put in a bit of a sprint on the approach to match the speed of traffic, move over and then throw out the anchor in the recessed bike turning lane bit. Now that turning lane thing seems shorter though, to the extend that I don't think I'll be able to do that any more - simply not enough distance to stop in.

Not really a big deal though, and it seems like it'd be an improvement for most people so I can pull on my big boy pants and figure out another way to get across.

You might have to do a hook turn: pull over to the left, wait for traffic in your direction to clear, then cross to the middle.

That's what I do when turning right from King William Road (southbound) into the Mike Turtur Bikeway, which has a kind of similar setup (a short right turn lane for bicycles). Though for me it's for the opposite reason: I'm not fast enough to keep up with the cars!

Yeah, I'll either have to do that or plant myself in the middle of the lane (instead of far to the right) and slow traffic down a little to make the turn, depending on the situation on the day. Not really a big deal.

I had the same problem as you a few years ago.. my solution (that worked perfectly I might add)....  I moved house to the other side of East Ave.

A new house is a pricy solution, but hey -what price safety?  ;-)

In all, I like the ramps as the best feature of this. They act like a speed bump to slow cars approaching East Ave- and we all hate cars that rocket up to an intersection with no sign they're going to stop.. 

Have you had a car rocket up to East Ave and then do an illegal u turn in front of your bike? They get your heart racing.


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