Marino Rocks Greenway changes at corner East Ave and Cromer Parade

Does anyone know where I can see details of the changes to the intersection at East Ave/Cromer Parade to "improve" the bikeway that passes through there?

There's lots of paint on both sides of the intersection and it looks like it could be a real minefield of traffic islands. I think they start work on it soon

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I've been wondering the same thing.

Try asking Colin Maher at the DPTI.

It's a council project

I phoned UCC. They replied and sent me a document of the planned changes, and they appear positive to me. I'd rather not post a document which was sent to me privately, but I was told it was also put on the UCC web site yesterday. But I can't find it! Maybe someone else can.

OMG a keep clear sign that keeps stopped cars off the bike way... no...that a first.

actually it looks like they are improving the intersection for cyclists.

Excellent. This is a really shitty junction. Will be interesting to see how motorists respond to the keep clear signs - they're not great right now.

Hi Dahondude, on behalf of the City of Unley, I’d like to share a few more details about the upgrades.

Unley Council has commenced upgrades to this intersection to address safety concerns and ease access for cyclists. A design was developed after consultation with local residents, the board of the Clarence Park Community Centre and the Unley Bicycle User Group, and can be viewed online:

Key design features include:

  • Installation of a raised platform on the approaches at Canterbury Terrace and Cromer Parade – this will assist to reduce vehicle speed as vehicles exit Canterbury Terrace and Cromer Parade.
  • Modification to the medians at Canterbury Terrace and Cromer Parade allowing safe access for cyclists
  • Installation of a bike lane on the northbound direction allowing safer separation between northbound cyclists and cars at the intersection
  • Installation of KEEP CLEAR markings on road which will allow space for cyclists to cross East Avenue while the boom gates are down.
  • Widening the existing median on East Avenue to allow safer storage for pedestrians with prams and cyclists

Weather permitting, we expect work to be completed by 16 June. We appreciate your support and patience, as although there will likely be some disruption to cyclists during this period, access will be maintained through the site.  Regards Karen  

Thankyou for the update.

Having live down the road of this intersect I fully agree with reducing vehicle exit speeds, and even happier that it is being done before someone is kill.

secondly Thankyou for the work Unley Council did to Wood St, it's a big improvement for cyclists

Looks good.

"Installation of KEEP CLEAR markings on road which will allow space for cyclists to cross East Avenue while the boom gates are down."

Note that someone was previously fined for "not stopping" for the railway crossing and this treatment appears to let cyclists bypass the sign and legally cross. If this is not the case, then let us know

Previous case:


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