Just curious re how many times you mend a tube before deciding it would make a good something else ?? Am going through a bad puncture period at the moment !!!!


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I'm not commenting about punctures, the last time I did I got one.

understood Mark, can be very frustrating. especially if after fixing puncture someone pinches tube again !@####. Another repair !@@###


Too late!


You commented on the thread and have therefore drawn the attention of the puncture fairy...


Oh... wait...


If you keep getting punctures I'd be looking at your tyres before the tube.. Tubes don't tend to wear out..

@JDL Agreed, cannot see any thing wrong with tyres, unless is microscopic !!


...Unless the tubes are very old! :-)  As i discovered a few nights ago whilst checking my 20 yr old Ricardo!

still young at 20 LOL


Five times.

No logic to this - just my feeling that five is probably enough and time to use a new(er) tube...

Have just used up 4 patches for a tube. I agree 5 seems about maximum


I had a tube once with 20 on it.  These days I tend to get a new tube for the sake of getting on the road again, then I get around to patching all the others when i have a fresh tube of glue.
I'll keep patching a tube until bad things happen such as:
Old patches start lifting
Punctures very close to existing patches (see above)
An actual rent in the tube
... Maybe I've had up to a dozen or so patches on a tube.

Actually, 1cm glass shard just today, been ages and the first whilst on the way to work. The tyre actually came off worse. I slipped a $5 note in to prevent the tube forcing into the hole under pressure.

Both front and rear on my MtBike have 2 each right now.

I've had to replace tyres on my MtBike as blackberry thorns will embed and then work their way in leading to slow leaks - getting the thorn out is a hassle and you'll often get multiple thorns from one incident that then pop up over time.


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