I would like to thank all who attended the ride I posted for this morning it was a tough day with winds I would say close to 60kmh along Justs road through Aldinga and then along South Rd to Myponga.

It turned a casual 60km ride into the effort required for a 100km+ ride, a few questions were asked on Friday as to wether it was going to go ahead but I envoked the velominati rule No.9

We had 1 visit from the punc** fairy which was soon taken care of. 

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I had fun but was feeling spent by the end. The wind on Sellicks hill was amazing I remember slowing down at an intersection and having to steer 45 degree away from where I wanted to go just to balance while moving slowly.

I'll do that ride again anytime

I would like to do the loop again but in more favourable  conditions 


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