Hello Adelaide cyclist members, I just love sport, lately I've been watching the giro italia and the afl but what I've been following closely(without actual television broadcast) is the 2016 invictus games in which one of our very own members are there over in Orlando Usa to compete with and against ex-soldiers who have been affected by there time in service for there countries, some were wounded physically whilst others more mentally. And they have all come together(with thanks to the peoples prince harry) with one determined goal to show they still got it and to beat there opponents on the field. From what I have heard Mark Reidy me ol mate from Gawler wheelers is competing on Monday(usa time?) so in my own little way I'll be cheering him on all the way to the finish as he rides his bike against other like minded cycling ex-soldiers to win that prize..but however Reidy does remember he is and will forever be a legend for what he has done in his life.
Cheers from Mathew Parker :-)

Ps. There's a iconic "Reidy" photo on Facebook with him basically being a aussie larrikin to the prince Harry. Check it out(for some reason I can't upload it here) on invictus team Australia Page.

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Roger that! Hahaha that the one! Cheers Mate :-D
How did mark go
From Mark Reidy FB status: "Hi all I did really well stayed with the main peleton the whole way maintaining 42kmph. I came 7th but there was a mix up on what was the last lap and I had heaps of energy left. But I had fun it was a great experience and race organisation and logistics was as professional as you would get at the TDU. A great time was had. And thankyou to #### for supporting me on the sidelines."

Cheers from Mathew :-D


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