I really like the idea behind this short video. It's an attractive and human way to promote bike riding as a practical, enjoyable activity as well as highlight bicycle infrastructure - both the features that are good and those that could use improvement. I think it does a great job of presenting cyclists (both narrator and others in the film) as real road users, responsible road users, and most of all positive road users who cycle because it's a great way to travel.

I wonder how well it would translate to here as that commute had some enviable infrastructure and a good number of cyclists on the roads to film. Obviously this video also benefits from being fairly professionally produced but I'm pretty tempted to do one describing my current commute (and perhaps alternative routes or my old commute too as I now live very close to the city).

Mapping Your NYC Bike Commute from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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Great video. Diverse and interesting cycling infrastructure, and lots of people riding. Certainly humanises cyclists. Would something along those lines work for a video in Adelaide?
Great video. I was suprised by how many people where cycling and how good the infrastructure was. I thought the US was the home of the petrol head.

I hope some people from government watch this, like the Copenhagen videos it shows just how far, far behind we are when it comes to bicycle lanes for commuting. ie getting somewhere quickly and safely as distinct from going for a ride along the river to look at the ducks. I was also impressed by how the pedestrians were aware of cyclists on shared facilities and I'd never seen sharrows before. Maybe some sharrows around the place would be great to keep people out of the door zone and promote the idea of sharing the road.

I like the idea of filming some local commutes but I think they will look a lot scarier than that one. Maybe there is a government grant that could be obtained and then the films could be played in the advertising slot in the cinema.

I think the US still is a home of the petrol head, but in a country that large you're bound to have some places that have moved forward. There's good transportation and public health research centres in some US cities too that I think are really pushing improvements in urban design to support walking and cycling.

This video should be taken with a grain of salt, because it probably presents NY cycling at its best - as it should, since it's goal is pretty clearly to promote cycling. That said, I've been doing a bit of reading about NY bike lanes recently and cycling seems to have become popular enough that it doesn't take long to find disgruntlement from various sectors, including cyclists themselves. I've seen plenty of discussions regarding how common it is for pedestrians and cars to not respect the bike lanes, or for cyclists to ride the wrong way up the lanes etc :)

The cinema advertising idea is an interesting one. Perhaps it could also be expanded to cover 'commutes' to cinemas and other places, not just work.

I've never ridden in areas with sharrows and am intruiged by them but not sold on them. In terms of infrastructure, what do you (or others) think of the 2-way roadside bicycle lanes they showed? I don't really like that design but have seen it used in a number of places now both in the US and Australia (I think some of Sydney's new bikeways are this design). They look like they must make crossing the road more complex for pedestrians, and increase the chance of cyclists coming to grief with each other too.
Looked at this video yesterday, defintely envious to see what NYC is progressing with it's bike infrastructure. I'm sure you would be able to a similar video, maybe you could do the Mike Turtur cycleway with that great overpass over South Road.
I saw this video last week. Also a commute from NYC is shows how attempts to put in infrastructure doesn't always work. It is shot from a rider point of view.


I would love to see some Street Films type productions made for Adelaide.
Interesting. So the bike lane just fills up with pedestrians and deliveries. I wish she had kept her hands on the brakes. Cycling holding the bars looks pretty scary in that traffic.

Could you hear all the voices ? The music sound track wiped everything for the first 2/3 ?

That is awesome! That would be an awesome commute:) So many out enjoying their riding.


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