I've recently being thinking "I've put a lot of effort into being visible with flashing lights etc."

The problem is, they are all below car body height.

The best place to put them is as high as I can get it. Like my head.

Enter the Lumos helmet.



Facebook tells me they will be in Australia soon. Hope the price is reasonable and not jaw dropping.

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And a better video.


Seriously look excellent.

I agree, seriously excellent. Do you know when they will be available in Australia? I want one for winter commuting.

Their facebook page says later this year.

My kids bike helmets have lights integrated lights on the dial-in knob at the back.


Interesting. There is a review here 


and a page to register your interest in Australia here


If only you could make the lights spell out words ...

I think it's just a gimmick, particularly the indicator lights.

The lights are highly dependent on where you are looking. If your head is down, then the lights are going to be less visible. Imagine you have the left indicator on and you check right, how well will your signal be seen from behind?

As a supplement to frame mounted lights, they are probably fine, but I wouldn't use them instead of. I'm not convinced the lens design of these lights is anywhere near as good as my current lights.

If you're really worried about turn signals not being seen at night, then how about some wrist mounted lights to make your hand signals more obvious? Much simpler, much cheaper, just not as techy so maybe not as desirable?

The highly-reflective yellow bands given away by BikeSA work nicely as wrist bands.

One on right wrist to make signals clearer, and one on right ankle so that movement attracts the eye (in case the red light is lost in a busy background of other lights).

It's not always possible to hang my hand out while going around a corner.
Fact of life. Motorists are looking at intersections for hand signals the whole time.
I hang out my arm for as long as I can, but if the driver doesn't look at that time, it never happened.
As I said, lights on a helmet give motorists a chance of seeing things above car bodies.
Nearly all lights and reflectors are below car body height. From the side, in traffic, we are hidden. Only our head sits above car height.
That's why I like the helmet.


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