Many, many of you know Ashleigh Moore, the driving force behind Adelaide's Cancer Voices SA cycling group (CVSA). The sad news came this afternoon that he lost his long fight with cancer.

He was an inspiration to many in our community and his lost will be felt. As well as having an OAM Order of Australia he was Senior Livestrong Leader Australasia at Livestrong and Advocate, Cancer Voices Executive at Cancer Voices SA.

A message from his wife, Justine Chilman-Moore, was posted on Facebook this afternoon.

At 5.35pm today, the world lost another great man, my husband Ashleigh John Moore. He was an adored father by his two daughters, Brook and Erin, who know that he is now "riding cloud bikes"! We will miss him, his passion, his determination, his guidance. Rest in peace now, our hero. Your loving wife, Justine Chilman-Moore

Ashleigh Moore pictured with Paul Sherwin during the Tour Down Under last month in Adelaide. Courtesy his Facebook page.

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I may be wrong but I reckon Ashleigh encouraged me & my wife on one of our first rides in the Grand Slam 2 years.  I often give gratitude for my health & marvel at the wonderful humanity of the many people like Ashleigh.  The casual comment said as one passes on a bike ride can mean so much. R I P

Very sad news indeed. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this time of loss.

So very sad. I joined CVSA on the 1st group ride i ever did. Many memories.

Really sad news. I hope Ashleigh's family gain some solace from knowing that he was an inspiration to so many people.

RIP Ashleigh,  condolences to the family and friends. 

Went to visit him yesterday but he was't well enough. Rest in Peace to one of the bravest men I've ever met. I will miss my friend and hero!

If the family allows it would be great if the Cancer Voices riders came to the funeral in their CVSA Kits and bikes to give Ashleigh a Guard of Honour!

Very sad news... Condolences to Ashleighs family...
My thoughts go out to his family. This is sad news.

And very sad loss. Ashleigh was a gentleman and an inspiration to many people. My thoughts go out to his family and those dear to him.

very sad.


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