Lost garage door key and key ring - Southern Veloway Mon 9th @ approx 4:30pm

Hi I believe I dropped a garage door opener (which is lovely pink) and has a mini torch in green with the word Vespa on it on the Veloway yesterday afternoon. 

I was getting some suncream out of my trunk bag and believe the key may have dropped out.  I checked this morning on my way down there but didn't see anything. 

If anyone has seen it or even picked it up, can you please PM me?

Many thanks


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I found this key riding up Cement Hill tonight. 09/12/2014

Hi, i saw it monday night about 630pm, a fella had stopped to pick it up. He was on the up track just before the steep part of the main climb, where the little building is on the western side. The guy had picked it up, I assume he took it with him.i noticed it as it was fluorescent pink. He was an older fella, riding one of those folding bikes with the smaller wheels and a pannier on the rear to one side. cheers
A few weeks ago a member shared a tracking token and app called Tile. www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/bike-security-tile

It uses your phones Bluetooth and crowd tracking to locate lost items. After ordering mine I finally got mine after about four months. It's a good idea and works well around the house. There isn't quite the numbers of users yet to see the crowd searching work well.

Today I bought a competitor called TrackR that promises will be delivered by Christmas. Both are about $25 each. www.thetrackr.com/

Thanks for the update Adam. At least I now know it was definately lost up there.  I did look last night as I was going home but no joy.

If the person Adam mentioned by Adam S is on here can you please get in touch.

I'll also try to put a flyer up on the veloway at that point in the hope that the finder wants to return it.

I'll be away interstate for a week now so I've got a collegue who will put a flyer up there this afternoon. Hopefully that'll prompt a call.

I rode up the veloway yesterday and noticed someone had written a message on the ground in yellow paint not sure if was related but it did mention a key, it was just pass the Secombe Rd junction, Hopefully this helps not riding home today hopefully someone else will see it


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