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I assume it's here. Plenty of large trees to act as bollards!

No-one should be riding down that way anyway, it's a one way uphill separated path that should be ridden at a sensible pace. Downhill you should be using the bike lane on the other side of the road.

Not that I in any way think that it's a good situation, just not nearly as bad as you would have us think.

Just needs a "cyclists dismount" sign to complete the irony.

I think I would loose it if that was the case.

So pedestrians are worthy of protection from falling debris and cyclists aren't. The protective cover should be extended out further so that anyone using the path is protected.

That's going to be a problem for the pedestrian I met one day walking down the centre of that cycle lane reading his texts.

I noticed last Monday - at least they had padded the scaffolding poles and added reflective tape. Yes they could have treated this main cycle way with more thought to keep it open.

The good news is they have listen to the emails and added the reflective tape and a second row of protection for cyclists. but be careful riding through there (especially in the dark) as the tree wells are a good 10-15 cm drop down from the path

Also look out for how narrow it is at the southern end (heading to the city). The gap between the last scaffolding support and bollard is pretty narrow. My handlebars + mirror, just fit. It's also just as you need to cross one of the uni access roads- had a driver nearly turn left on me the other day because he though I was stopping for him, when I was just trying not to clip the scaffolding or bollard


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