Not a big problem, but changed my battery for my HTC phone near where we hung our bikes on the rack and put in my helmet. Forgot about it, while having lunch and when I wheeled my bike to the car, it probably fell through. Would be great if anyone's found it ?

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Ask Bike SA tomorrow

Tks RD6, also intend to do that tomorrow !

glad YOU didn't get lost Barry! lol

HaHaHaHa Excellent Lorraine I like it :-) LOL

possibly also contact the vistor centre direct?  if you have a rough idea where you were they might be able to spare someone to scout about the place to have a look for you? :)  

Tks CLP. Have rang visitors centre as well, just posted in case an Adelaide cyclist member sees this.
Good luck Barry. First your saddle bag zip breaks before the start of the ride then you lose your battery at the end. I hope that in between those bookends that you actually enjoyed the ride!
Thanks Nick. Really enjoyed the ride, no mishaps on the ride, but got quite heated up Willunga Hill :-)


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