Once upon a time the Gods heard the tormented cries of the poor suffering cyclist so tormented by the tedious flat road and persistent, nagging cross head wind and said unto the cyclist "We hear your pain, we will provide you with the ultimate arena for cycling and once a year you will have the opportunity to ride in this paradise devoid of all other road users.  For this all we ask is that you never complain again."  The cyclists agreed to this so the Gods picked up 25km of the flattest, most cross wind affected road and laid it gently over the sublime landscape of the eastern alps thus creating the Stelvio.  The cyclists gazed upon this in awe but with every attempt to ride this new road, the complaints grew louder.  The Gods reminded the cyclists that they must no longer complain and thus was born the phrase "Zitto Gambe", loosely translated to mean "Shut up Legs"

Now you have a chance to ride the road created by the Gods in the 2013 Granfondo Stelvio.  Use it for a warm up for Le Tour E Tape, as an excuse to visit Europe or training for the 2013 Adelaide Dirty Dozen

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