I'm currently reviving an Avanti Sprint thats around 15 years old. It has sat unused in my shed for around 10 years, and when I went to remove the crappy old pedals, the left hand side unwound ok, but the conventionally threaded drive side offered huge resistance, and stripped out the thread. The crankset is a Dotek, and the rings are in good order, so at this point I'm wondering if there are any bike shops around that can insert a threaded insert (heli coil) so that I can attach a new pedal. If its cost effective I'd rather do this than buy a new crankset. Any suggestions on where I might get this done?

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I doubt a Heli coil would last long, Contact Elizabeth Star Cycles if they are close to you, they should help.

there is a chemical reaction between steel and alloy, they almost fuse together given enough time.

We helicoil these all the time Brett,   Cost is $25

Sold, I'll bring it in on Thursday. Thanks Brett & Gary


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