I recently had to replace my trusty 16 year old Time EQ pedals and replaced them with Look Keo2Max pedals.

I have been riding with these for a couple of months now and have a few gripes and am wondering if others have come across the same issues and have remedies.

Firstly, they creak like nothing on earth, particularly under load and it can be quite disconcerting.  I initially thought that I hadn't tightened the cleat enough but that is not the case.  The creaking definitely seems to come from the cleat/pedal interface and not the bottom bracket, crank or spindle.

Secondly, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of float, is this normal, can it be improved?

And finally, it can be hard to locate the cleat when clicking in and a miss by a poofteenth of a millimeter can mean that the cleat gets caught in the pedal and it can be hard to dislodge.  Is there any way of preventing this, I would rather be unattached to the pedal than stuck in a position that is uncomfortable for pedaling and hard to extricate yourself from?

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I use Keo. I've had squeaks, and I believe it's not uncommon.  I haven't solved the problem yet myself. (always forget when I've finished the ride) but i don't think the squeak is to do with the tension screw. In fact maybe the limited float and difficulties of getting in and out of the pedal could mean the screw is wound too tight. The amount of float, when it's adjusted correctly, depends on which colour cleat you bought- black, grey or red.

With squeaks, 'goss that I've heard blames the small plastic cover in the centre of the cleat (it covers the 'memory' positioning gizmo that stays on your sole when changing cleats) for rubbing against the pedal. Some people take them off and apparently it doesn't otherwise affect the performance. As I said- this is heresay I haven't tried yet.

Otherwise, I'm happy with the system.

i don't think the squeaks are limited to Keos..  the old Look Delta pedals had similar issues.   I believe it stems from wear on the front part of the cleat, which allows vertical movement when locked into the pedal. 

to quiet things, rub some candle wax on the front part of the cleat, and/or squirt a bit of Mr Sheen in the front bit of the pedal. You could also use some soap shavings to achieve a similar result...    I tend to clean all pedal and cleat surfaces with Mr Sheen for good measure :)  

You can get more float is you use the red Look cleats.  My Look Keo Blades came with the Grey cleats which have a bit of float, but not much.

Hope that helps a little 

I had Keo's for about 8 years, always used the older style (red) Keo cleat that had the white insert around the top and bottom of the cleat (where it hooks under the the front of the pedal and where it locks into the back of the pedal). I never had a squeak out of them. Just recently I got some of the newer Grip cleats, that have the rubber bits to walk on, the cleats started squeaking within a few rides. I've been told that the older cleats have been discontinued and you can only get the newer grip ones. I found that I dropped a bit of White Lightning chain lube onto the contact points of the pedal/ cleat, didn't creak after that.

I had Look Delta's for many years before that, they creaked like an absolute mongrel!

I have always used Look Arc, and just an occasional wipe with WD40 or similar around the contact surfaces on the pedal fixes the sqeak completly, and lasts for some time.


i have keo on my pinny and cant say i have had a problem with them creaking but do often have the "missed it" bit when trying to get the cleat to engage the pedal more so when i have bootys on,i never had the same with my shimano pedals. i also use the grey cleats and think the float on them is just right.

+1 to the clip-in and float; I do get creaking though

I've always had the 'Look squeak', from the first ride. I mainly experience it under load up hills.

Can't find a fix to it

I took my bike to Trak cycles, where they have the look pedal setup system. It measures the amount your feet actually move, so you can make sure you are using the right coloured cleats. I was using the red ones until I had the setup done. Turns out my feet don't rotate very much, so grey was plenty.

Thanks for your suggestions, I will give some of them a try and see how I get on.


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