Hi all,

The Lofty 105 Cycle Challenge is now taking registrations for its second running.

The Lofty 105 Cycle Challenge is essentially a gravel grinder style ride suited to CX, MTB and custom gravel grinding style cycles.

The event is run solely by volunteers, now in it's second year with proceeds going to the Rockleigh CFS support group.

The ride is well supported with race snacks/hydration, lunch on completion of the ride and a finishers T-shirt.

It'll be on Sunday September 13 and you can choose from a 25km / 60km and 105 km ride.

Now in its second year, a new and improved course will be offered along with camping will the night before the event for those that are interested in helping set up the course signage and or doing some pre-riding on local mountain bike trails or some gravel grinding.

For more information visit www.lofty105.com.au.

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It looks like a great event. I wanted to ride it last year but it escaped me. This year I'm in for sure.

Excellent Gus, see you there!

@Morgan - how many people did it last year?

I'm with Gus, and very interested in doing it.

Hi easytiger, I think about 70 in its first yea

Ooh, how well do you think a cyclocross bike would handle the course? This sounds like fun! 

EDIT: Never Mind, I read the FAQ, I may be interested in doing this event!

Hi Matt,

I reckon most people did it on cx bikes last year, and quite comfortably, at this stage the course is looking even more suited to cx style riding.

Yeah, that looks like a lot of fun!

I did this ride on a slightly heavy mountain bike last year. It's a great ride with fantastic scenery. However, due to fairly low numbers, people very quickly became spread out. I probably rode 95% of the ride without another rider in sight. (107Km and about six hours in total)

According to my Garmin, the climbing was over 1800M. Also got stung by a bee twice whilst climbing over a fence! Overall about twice as hard as the same distance on a road bike and tarmac, but good fun.

Keen to get to this year's like the others.

Hi Morgan, did you get my email? Check your inbox. Cheers.

got it, about to send a reply.


looks really cool,   don't think I can make it though  as I think have family commitments that weekend 


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