Data SA have provided BISA with crash data for period 2011 to 2015, both as a spreadsheet and as a kmz file that you can feed into Google Earth, to see where the crashes are.  (I know it will also open wiht a map on Safari and probably with other browsers as well. If not, I've tried to attach the files to this post.)

If you click on a dot in the map, it will give information about crashes at that location.

Of course as we all know, what actually goes in the government records is only a small fraction of all cyclist crashes.  They presumably pick up all the serious injuries, though not all the serious bike damage.

Unfortunately the spreadsheet only gives the latitude and longitude, not the actual address, but I’ve identified a few of the top crash locations for the period. 

The one with most cyclist crashes is the tram stop on Jetty Road, Glenelg.  15 of the 17 crashes there involved cyclists.  11 were “rollover”, which I guess means getting your wheel stuck in the tram tracks or slipping on the steel rail.  13 of the 17 crashes were injuries, one serious.

This is the site that Holdfast Bay Council don’t want to do anything about, except put up a “cyclist dismount” sign, refusing DPTI’s idea of a by-pass between the kerb and the tram stop.

DPTI has moved to at least alleviate the next three locations:

  • The Sussex Avenue roundabout intersection with Grange Road, Hawthorn.
  • Rundle Street/ Parade West intersection, Kent Town
  • Beulah Road roundabout intersection with Sydenham Road, Norwood.

I’d be interested in any of your comments, or if there are any other big crash locations I’ve missed.

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It's surprising to see all of the crashes on one map. but i'm sure the car one looks similar.

one thing to take note of is the lack of accidents on paths that dont included cars. ie the entire parklands.

i would like to know more about these crashes? was it the bad designed track that is too narrow.

regarding Holdfast and their lack of fore site.  maybe we need to put our wheels were our mouths are and have a group ride to show our numbers.


If you want to, you can download a kmz file of all crashes (car, bike etc) from the website.  But it's pretty big.  It takes a long time for my old MacBook air to load.

The codes for the four indicated "head on" (x2), "hit fixed object" and "rollover".  These categories are assigned by the police, who can't always be trusted to get it right.  All only involved a single bicycle (no other vehicles), so I can't see why one would be a head on.  Probably a case of losing control.  

The highest crash records two casualties although only one bike.  Tandem?? (Not so odd, my wife and I came off on a tandem two bends up from here and got nasty abrasions, but got home without help from ambulance or police, so it wasn't recorded.)

I count 15 crashes outside the Torrensville shopping centre on Henley Beach Road involving a bicycle (there's a cluster of about 5-6 dots on the map). It doesn't surprise me that in the Messenger recently DPTI described that stretch of Henley Beach road as one of metropolitan Adelaide's most dangerous

5 cyclists were hit outside Torrensville Plaza, either side swipes or right angles.  The latter would probably be right turners into the Plaza not noticing cyclists heading west.

Well for all the unfortunate souls that were involved in a bicycle accident during this period we can play bike crash spotto. I found my accident when a right turning vehicle T-boned me. It's the only accident at that location so I'm positive it's me. Interestingly the police have recorded;

  • there was a crash (correct),
  • it involved a vehicle (correct)
  • it involved a bicycle (me, correct)
  • was the result of a right hand turn (a car turning right, correct)
  • there was property damage (my bicycle, correct)
  • there was NO injury (WRONG)

I was sprawled on the ground, there was an ambulance called and I went to hospital, the police came to the hospital, yet it's recorded as no injury!

Well that just completely whitewashes the 12 months of physio I underwent and the fact I have permanent shoulder injury.

It also surprised as my medical costs and other compensation was paid for by the Motor Accident Commission and it wasn't a small sum. Surely we want accurate records to see the physical and financial costs.


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