The people who organised the recent "Race to the Rock" are preparing their next even bigger and crazier challenge The Indian Pacific Wheel Race. Unsupported, non-stop, Freo to Sydney next March.

I'm interested to know how many local riders have entered. I'd like to follow their preparation and race progress in March. I can pencil in a few names pretty safely, but it'd be good to have a list. 

The event is limited to 90 starters, and over 70 spots are already taken.. Entry deadline Jan 1st.


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I know that James and Sam (two of the four guys who did that Melbourne to Adelaide ride) have entered.

A friend of mine in Mclaren Vale is doing it, I would too, but have work commitments alas.

I hear tell of a certain local vegan who has also entered

A certain local youtuber?

So I hear, and former member of this very site

Yep, I'm doing it. Registered, building a bike, getting clearance from work. Excited, terrified, and writing articles to make myself feel better.

Just ran off a Why the hell am I doing the Indian Pacific Wheel Race? piece

Let me know what you think!

Loved the article. Can't wait to read more updates re the build and training. 

Very inspirational stuff.

I would enter but I doubt I could get the time off work....

not to mention its about 5132.9km too long for me :P 

Thanks for your support mate! I look forward to writing some entertaining content about how terrified I am.

James and Sam at Norseman right now turning left onto the Eyre Highway, according to the race tracker

YEs, they look to be riding together for now. You'd need all the moral support you can get across the Nullarbor. And Davin Harding, another South Aussie is only a km or two ahead of them.

Crazy to think that the leaders have ridden 1200km and they're just into the third day. Even if adrenalin and excitement powers them for the first day or two, it's gunna start to hurt now..

Indeed it is just ridiculous. Definitely will endeavour to get out to see some of them come through, either in town or Lofty-Crafers.

I note that a certain other South Australian who dropped out after one day, is blaming tracking sensors, a car that hit him a few weeks ago, and he's done it before anyway.

He's all talk, he's done it before


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