Can you provide links to other cycling forums in Adelaide?

About 2009 Adelaide Cyclists forum was started by Gus, who managed the site exceptionally well until Oct-2016. Gus announced he was stepping back, and a few weeks later BISA (Bicycle Institute SA) saved our forum. In the meantime, some AC groups quickly started alternative websites for their groups.

At the time, an enthusiastic AC member (with some buddies) started a general forum to cater for all local cyclists. I do not recall his name or the link. Do you?

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I thought that they'd all migrated to Facebook, which I personally refuse to support. A quick google search shows:

Jilden, I also avoid Facebook.
Plus I prefer the AC layout where easy to find a discussion and add to it.

nearly every post is a for sale ad on the FB site.

Yes it's a dilemma. On the plus side there are a lot more readers than this site, so any question/discussion gets a lot larger audience. On the minus side, the group is swamped with ads, almost to the point of making the group useless. Ideally I'd like a Facebook Adelaide cycling group with no ads. (Or hundreds more cyclists using this site!).

Even Facebook has user retention problems, though. The only contact for Marion BUG is Facebook. I applied to join that group a few weeks ago, and still no reply.

How about a Facebook site that refers people to this one?

Easy enough to host a forum on my website for Adelaide cyclists. I already host the 'Unofficial Tacx Users Forum', as well as my own site.

The Unofficial Tacx Forum

Thanks Heather.

On Facebook it's "Adelaide Cycling" , not "Adelaide Cyclist", but I have often wondered whether it was the same thing. 


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