Link for buying "ODD" 5800 groupset - brand new - merlin cycles

I just bought this brand new groupset from a UK online store I just found out about.

They have been around since 1993 as a mail order company, I found out about them via Wiggle ...wiggle sent me a survey listing all their competitors and "Do you currently buy from any of these other online stores" ??

HAh... Best not to kill your own business by free advertising others..

Landed cost with FREE UPS Tracked priority delivery was $511.00 AUD for my build
including the clamp on adaptor.. (There was a 5% discount code going on. but of course this week.. there is a now a 10% disc code I think ) 

These are not in their separate boxes, they ship nice packaged in bubble wrap in 1 large carton,.. as they say...these are from full group sets that they use to build up their own merlin brand bikes in house.  ( includes all cables, manuals , etc)

My build was:

52/36T Mid Compact crankset...  - with the new common BCD on all new series DA/ ULTEGRA/105.. it means that you can just swap chainrings to swap out to a normal 50/34T compact ...etc...or mix and match ratios.  

RD5800-GS    long cage...typically recommended by shimano to support 32T cassettes

32-11T     cassette

standard shifters

braze on FD5800 front der... but I also bought from them an adaptor
that allows braze on FD's to go onto a 'clamp on' style frame


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Yep, I would recommend them to anyone. Recently payed just over $700 for a full 6800 groupo ! Always have been great value :-)

It's a good price. The shifters are the most expensive part, especially the newer 105s with internal cabling.

I like the 5800 that came on my Scott brand new though the crank and brakes aren't 5800 

Wiggle has it for $512, cheaper if you have a discount coupon. I've always found Wiggle deliveries quicker than Merlin.

Merlin does have some great prices on wheels.

Didn't check your details but just checked the 6800 and Wiggle were over a $1,000 compared to just over $700 at Merlin!  Just goes to show, we need to check for what we want on all sites and compare before buying ;-)

Wiggle is 351$ from my end. 50/34 with a 28. Id pay extra and get a 32 cassette so one can really down proper power on the steeper climbs around town.

Can you post the link, I'm seeing $449.10

Any discount code being used to get to $351

durian put it up showing US Dollars

Correct. Good spotting Tony!

But 351$ is cheaper right? ;)

$449 is still bloody cheap, how on earth are the LBSs mean to compete?

EDIT: $417.59 at Ribble, they always seem to be the cheapest for groupsets.

We dont try to compete. These prices being quoted are so far below wholesale it is embarrassing for us to try. 


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