Hi all from a long time lurker on this forum (since the beginning of this year or so) – just a heads up if you ride along linear path from the western suburbs regularly.

While riding to work this morning near South road I spoke to a group of workers surveying the path. Apparently Charles Sturt council will begin work ‘very soon’ to upgrade the narrow section of pathway west of South rd. They said that the work should be finished before the end of the year, but the path along the northern side of the river from South rd to Barpowell st (ie the cul de sac) will be completely closed in that time. It looks like a detour along the south side of the river will be possible, but it will involve crossing South road, which won’t be much fun.

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All well and good, and I've noticed a fair bit of work being done along the linear park route between Hindmarsh and West Beach lately, but they should really be putting money towards repairing/replacing the Holland Street Bridge together with West Torrens Council.

That would allow a lot of extra people to actually access the linear park route. That issue seems to have been put into the too hard/too expensive basket unfortunately. (Rant finished, sorry folks)


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