From the T2T Alliance this afternoon:
"The T2T Alliance will be completing the works to widen Taylor Bridge this weekend, and the Linear Park Trail under South Road will be opened to pedestrians and cyclists by Monday 19 November. We would like to thank you for your ongoing patience while these important works were being undertaken.
For further information or enquiries, visit:, email: or call: 1300 794 899.
Kind regards,
Community Relations Team"

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Better late than never..  I've noticed that good progress was being made on the pathway under the South Rd bridge recently & looks like it's almost finished.  However, there are still large pipes & rock fill in the bed of the River Torrens - which I assume will have to be removed soon.  Although this should be possible with the pathway open, the authorities normally quote "safety" & want to close it to the public during any works?..

The Torrens Linear Path - under the South Rd bridge - reopened today - 2 says ahead of the latest official promise.  For pic, try or  Torrens%20Path%20at%20South%20Rd%20W%20-%20Open.jpg 

Btw, I think the 'Cyclists Dismount' sign is because of the narrow width of the path under the bridge.  Take care anyway..

Here's another pic - approaching South Rd bridge from the East - 


I'm starting to think they got a bulk discount on those CYCLIST DISMOUNT signs. they're appearing way too much lately.

Just standard arse covering I'd expect, their insurance would demand it.

Can I please use the photo for Pedal Update?

Glad to see the underpass finally open again. No more reversing car slalom through the Brickworks car park. It's a real shame that the old wooden path on the eastern side of the bridge has not been upgraded (I understand that Charles Sturt is responsible for that bit & have chosen not to do anything about it yet). Of course, when it finally is fixed at some point in the future the whole underpass will have to be closed for many months all over again...

After the last flood & landslips along the banks of the Torrens, it took Councils ages to do any repairs.  They tried for ages to get money for it out of the Stave Gov't - who didn't want to pay..

My guess is that the design does not meet required sight distance, so sign of 'cyclists dismount'.

Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides, Austroads, third edition published Jun-2017
Page 26: 3.5 Sight Distance
It is important that appropriate sight distance are provided between a cyclist’s eye height and pedestrians to assist in minimising conflict, and between a cyclist’s eye height and the path surface so that cyclists can stop in the event that a hazard exists on the path (e.g. mud deposited during inundation, potholes due to washouts, broken glass, and fallen tree limbs).
Designers should ensure that roads are designed to meet the sight distance requirements of Section 5 of AGRD03 (Austroads 2016a), Section 3 of the Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 4A: Unsignalised and Signalised Intersections (AGRD04A) (Austroads 2017b) and AGRD06A (Austroads 2017c). For further explanations please refer to Section 7.5.8 of this report.

From the photo, it appears that the design does not meet Austroads.
A grey bollard in the centre of a shared path, but no colour or reflectors to ensure that visible at night to cyclists using small lights.
Will someone please confirm this, before reporting to the local council and DPTI?

Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides, Austroads, third edition published Jun-2017
Page 123: Figure 7.19: Example of a bollard treatment
Page 186: G.4 Signs, Delineation and Lighting. Are fixed objects close to or on the path (trees, fences, holding rails, etc.) treated to ensure visibility at night (e.g. painted white and fitted with reflectors or reflective tape)?

Amazingly, the bollard has already been removed!

I expect the dismount sign is there because it's still a potentially dangerous underpass - the path narrows significantly under the road bridge where the new concrete & steel pathway meets the old wooden decking, and in the sudden transition from sunlight to darkness it would be very hard to see the narrowing if you're not expecting it.

Hi Ian,
Yes, you're welcome to use my pics, but I saw that another member (Mark S) later commented that one of the bollards (at South Rd Taylor bridge)  had recently been removed - so it may not be up to date - but I assume that the 'Cyclists Dismount' signs are still there..


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