Linear path - South Rd underpass works late Feb till ???

Charles Sturt council has recently put signs up (and installed a temporary bike counter) near the linear path underpass under South Rd, indicating that it and the wooden boardwalk next to Hindmarsh cemetery will be closed & upgraded from late Feb., until late this year (from memory the signage says November, but contractors on linear path never finish work on time, so I'd expect the closure to actually last well into next year sometime...)

So far I can't see any info on the likely detour on the Charles Sturt website, but it will probably be similar to the detour used for the T2T works (ie through the Brickworks)

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Why did they not fix it properly when it was closed for the T2T project?

This comment by Savvas in an older thread about the T2T underpass work suggests Charles Sturt was willing to pay the T2T alliance to get it done at the time but T2T was unwilling to do it. A lot of the streetscaping around the T2T project feels like it was done to the absolute bare minimum, so perhaps this is not a great surprise.

Reply by Savvas on November 26, 2018 at 19:04

This from the brand new City of West Torrens BUG f/b page today. Some of you will no doubt understand it - it's all become a blur to me... ;-)

"A response from Charles Sturt Council on upgrades to the eastern approach to the South Rd underpass of the Linear Park (thanks to Councillor van den Nieuwelaar):

"The City of Charles Sturt (CCS) have been negotiating with the Torrens to Torrens Alliance regarding upgrade works to the South Road Underpass over many months. It had been hoped that the works to the Eastern approach would have been completed this FY by the Alliance (with financial contribution from Council) however those negotiations have unfortunately fallen through.

We currently have $510,000 Council approved budget as well as $300,000 DPTI funding with which to upgrade the eastern approach. Pending approval from DPTI, the proposal is that CCS will conduct the upgrade works, with a view to going to tender for a design & construct contract later this financial year with construction envisaged for the 19/20 financial year.

In addition to this, the contract will incorporate the design for the stretch of River Torrens Linear Park (RTLP) adjacent to the cemetery. This part of the RTLP is in our long term financial plan for 2019/2020 however the construction of this section is still subject to a budget bid being approved. Assuming the budget bid is approved as part of the Annual Business Plan, it is envisaged the works will be completed as one construction project by end June 2020."

So there's plans, and money. Now we just need to wait."


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