Just a heads up for anyone using Linear Path out west. Right in the middle of the Port Rd, Hindmarsh underpass there is a wooded plank that has come completely loose. It's very hard to see in the darkness of the underpass & hitting it at speed could easily send you over the handlebars.

Many of the other underpass planks seem to have shrunk & warped even more than ever in the recent heat so it's become a particularly unpleasant stretch of pathway recently. Charles Sturt have been informed, but the more reports they receive the more urgently it will be treated I'm sure.    

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Going down that way today, so I'll have a look, and report it,  thanks for the warning . 

Couldn't be as bad as the disgusting planking on the bike path bridge down south over the Onkaparinga River, near Old Noarlunga.   Sorry to go off on a rant but I wish more riders would report this too .

Yes , I agree with your description of this underpass , besides the loose planks , the rest of it is so "bone shattering" , it's just crap to ride on , a disgrace .  I have sent in a report with Snap, Send, Solve to  Charles Sturt Council 

the uphill bit was rebuilt about a year ago & has been very jarring ever since because the new planks are too far apart, but I think it's worse since the heatwave. The wood has warped & needs sanding and something to fill the gaps.

I got what looks like an automatic reply from my snap send solve report saying that the issue would be inspected (not fixed!) within 20 days...

Rode my MtBike through there about 3 weeks ago (I live the other side of town).

Certainly was noticeable in being a rough section of the Linear Park. With the ramp up and down a bit of extra speed kicked in as well accentuating the whole experience. Being a MtBike though it just soaked it mostly up - not so fun on a roadie I would think.

 Be nice if they were all like this one . Anna Mears bikeway corner of Sir Donald Bradman and Tapleys Hill Rd . there's another one like this over the River Torrens , Hackney.  Like riding on a cloud.

The linear path bridges and underpasses are progressively getting upgraded to the non-slip metal decking which is quite smooth to ride over, but I don't get why the remaining wooden decks couldn't be covered over with something like this, at least until their time for a complete replacement comes up.

Hi all, went through there this morning and it appears to be fixed. Was definitely not right earlier in the week.

So, no sooner has this underpass been (partly) fixed - it's still bone jarringly bumpy! than another underpass has been damaged - this time the one under Findon Rd. Somebody has set fire to the aluminium decking and it's melted, leaving a hole in the middle, so you'll have to cross Findon Rd up the top.


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