Now that the Linear park bike path under Hackney Rd is finally open again, I along with many other cyclists can commute home to the NE suburbs along Linear path. Is it just me, or in our absence has there been of surge in dogs along the path and in particular many illegally off the leash, creating a significant hazard for cyclists. Some sections have signs pointing out that dogs should be on a leash, although these are often ignored anyway. In South Australia unless otherwise indicated dogs must be on a leash no longer than 2m at all times in public places.   I am a dog owner and know dogs like going off leash, but responsible owners should not be letting their dogs run free along a busy bike path.

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I've been seeing dogs off-leash daily for the last 10 years of riding Linear Park.

It's just another hazard I have to look out for.

Likewise! I really like Linear Park, it's a great place. But the things that make it great, also make it quite dangerous for cycling (especially @ the speeds I can handle). There are too many hazards to make this a course for my regular riding, although I will keep using it to get to/from better suitable roads.

You are spot on David. I started riding the linear park in 2010, to keep fit, and at that time it wasn't much used by anyone. Over the ensuing years it has become more popular with walkers, strollers, and dog owners, all of which is a good thing, but i have to agree that perhaps a majority of dog walkers aren't doing the right thing legally in allowing their dogs to walk unleashed. its not a problem if the dog is obedient and stays close to the owner, but i've encountered some ankle snappers and those loopy canine free spirits which suddenly emerge from bushes or make unannounced changes of direction, which have almost caused a crash.

It seems that a lot of dog owners are not aware of their responsibilities on shared paths. That said, I have seen some appalling bike riding as well, but there are overall far more dog walkers on any given day than cyclists, and these present the greater risk on the linear park.

Dogs and Kids - approach with caution!


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