For those thinking about taking the family for a ride down the linear park over the hols please note that a short section has been closed until March, it's the section from South Road downstream for about 100 metres. I'm not sure if the South Road underpass is closed or not. I rode upstream today and there are no diversion signs in place, I've contacted somebody from Charles Sturt Council and hopefully somebody will follow it up with the appropriate authority but it would appear this closure is most likely something to do with the Torrens to Torrens road upgrade. Given that school holidays are or soon will be in full swing some diversion signs equal to those that CS council put in a few years ago are essential.


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The south road underpass is open from the city end.there is a sign on the temparary fence near the closure I think I will check in the morning

The closure is kind of related to the T2T project - there's a pedestrian/cycling bridge being built across the Torrens from Mcddonell Ave to the brickworks. From the city you can detour around the works by going under the South Rd. underpass & then an immediate very sharp right up on to the South Rd footpath. A short detour through the sidestreets will get you back on linear path via Barrpowell St.

Would be really good if they put in some diversion signs in the same way as the council did a few years ago when they upgraded the path. It's school holidays, lots of kids and families using the Linear Park too easy to get lost.

I agree, some detour signs would be nice, the streets around Hindmarsh are a bit of a maze. I expect that once this new bridge is complete, the underpass under South Rd will be closed soon after for the T2T project, and cyclists will have to detour south across the new bridge to Ashwin Pde / West Thebarton Rd.

Detour signage is now in place

Monday 12 February. The South Rd underpass at Taylor Bridge is closed today, no messages on the T2T project site about when it is likely to reopen.

Maybe they will put up a new message before the day ends.


See the message below which I posted on AC on Feb 9th...

"Dear Linear Park Trail users

The T2T Alliance advise that due to works to widen Taylor Bridge, the Linear Park Trail under South Road will be temporarily closed from 7pm Sunday 11 February to 7pm Tuesday 20 February 2018.

If you have any further enquiries please call: 1300 794 899 or

Kind regards


Community Relations Team"

Sunday morning there was an A4 sign with that information, closed from Sunday 7PM till 20 february.

I am packing up and moving to Sydney tomorrow, so that was my last ride in ADL. Will miss the city, and cycling in ADL, but like so many SA residents, the economy is forcing us to relocate.

Thanks Savvas, I figured someone here was paying attention to the messages.

Thanks for the detail regarding when it is likely to reopen. This is on my regular commute into the City so I will use West Thebarton Rd until it opens.


Herewith the latest message from T2T re the Linear Path closures at Taylor Bridge (adjacent to South Rd) - record this morning 15th Feb:

"Dear Linear Park Trail users

Further to my email below, this weekend bridge beams for Taylor Bridge are being lifted into place which requires the path under South Road to remain temporarily closed.

For safety reasons the current path will not be able to be used in this location until these works are completed and scaffolding erected around a new temporary path adjacent to the existing path under South Road. The scaffolding will be erected and the new temporary path under South Road open from 6am Thursday 22 February 2018.

If you have any further enquiries please call: 1300 794 899 or

Kind regards


Community Relations Team"


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