Hello followers of AC,

Sad news for the few of us who still enjoy using AC for local riding issues - see below.  BISA took over the management and financial responsibilities when Gus retired from his creation in 2016.

"The fees to host Adelaide Cyclists have increased significantly, and the site sponsor has withdrawn as there is a small number of regular users.  We appreciate the friendly support we had from tindall gask bentley lawyers over the years.

BISA understands the site is an important information and discussion source for some users. However, as an organisation we cannot sustain the ongoing costs associated with the site and a decision on the site’s future is imminent.

We would like to hear your thoughts before making a decision. Do you have an idea on how the yearly costs can be recovered? It would require raising approximately $1200 per year at this stage and the costs may continue to increase.

Although AC may close it does not mean an alternative discussion forum cannot be found. BISA may be able to open one on our website for example or other alternatives investigated (outside Facebook for those that do not want to participate in that social media site)."

Kind regards
Katie Gilfillan
The Bicycle Institute of SA

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If only we could get the JSON file....

I'm working on it :)

I've created the first incarnation of the potential replacement site - probably have some teething issues and stuff that doesn't work as it should?! Unfortunately, my time is split across work and family, but saying that the site is coming together. Though it will probably be a little buggy. 

Next step is to have some peeps register and check it out? If you feel inclined to be a guineau pig, please pop over to:


Ideally let me know the following:

  • What doesn't work?
    • What you were doing?
    • What page was it on?
    • What happened?
    • A screenshot (if possible?)
  • What is missing?
  • What we don't need?
  • Constructive criticism

Thanks in advance


What software is it using? I'd recommend an open source forum software.

Wordpress and Buddypress

We might be able to migrate some content yet. I'm hoping to get a full backup. This site won't close without a proper plan or migration yet :)


Baron, great idea and thanks for creating a replacement cycling forum.


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