Hello followers of AC,

Sad news for the few of us who still enjoy using AC for local riding issues - see below.  BISA took over the management and financial responsibilities when Gus retired from his creation in 2016.

"The fees to host Adelaide Cyclists have increased significantly, and the site sponsor has withdrawn as there is a small number of regular users.  We appreciate the friendly support we had from tindall gask bentley lawyers over the years.

BISA understands the site is an important information and discussion source for some users. However, as an organisation we cannot sustain the ongoing costs associated with the site and a decision on the site’s future is imminent.

We would like to hear your thoughts before making a decision. Do you have an idea on how the yearly costs can be recovered? It would require raising approximately $1200 per year at this stage and the costs may continue to increase.

Although AC may close it does not mean an alternative discussion forum cannot be found. BISA may be able to open one on our website for example or other alternatives investigated (outside Facebook for those that do not want to participate in that social media site)."

Kind regards
Katie Gilfillan
The Bicycle Institute of SA

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Done - :)

That web site was great! Remember it well.

This is very interesting to read. Thanks to those with interest, knowledge and resources to consider these options! Do any of them include an improved mobile interface? Again - thanks!

Yes, most forums have responsive templates so that they resize themselves for different devices.

David, in Feb-2020 Equal2Lance emailed that important for the next AC forum to cater for mobile phones. Guess 11 years ago when Gus started AC that smartphones were not used as frequently.

Another suggestion ... to assist the web manager, an enthusiastic promotions person who can invigorate AC and perhaps attract advertisers. Recall the efforts of Gus between 2009 and 2016.

Thanks Katie and the BISA team for exploring all the options.  The most important thing is that cyclists keep communicating with each other and also with people at all levels of Government.  At risk of stating the obvious, the programs, budgets and policies of Federal, State and Local Government have a huge bearing on whether cycling is embraced as a legitimate and desirable form of transport or merely tolerated.  I vote for the former!  If not this forum, then I look forward to talking with cyclists through other means.

Baron Zuraw has offered to host an Adelaide Cyclists forum, and I understand discussions are continuing with BISA.
Costs would be reduced by switching from current Ning format to WordPress, and utilise his current hosting account for his cycling website at https://lunicus.org/
Check out Baron’s AC webpage – an AC member since 2014 (or earlier), a member on the AC webpage for BISA, plus some nice bikes and some impressive rides!

Hello All

Scott here, BISA Committee member and admin of the site. I'd like to provide some context.

I had originally intended to migrate the forum to a new platform. Unfortunately Ning (Which is the platform the site software is based on) have cut off all backup and archival tools. 

We can't actually download anything except the email and membership list. I'd have happily helped migrate to a better forum, but the content in locked into Ning's proprietary platform. By the looks they have cut-off backup options to prevent users moving data and keep them paying.

Another month of hosting has been paid for to explore further options. It's very frustrating having your data held hostage by a US company!

Right now, I'm focusing on trying to get a site archive. I also don't want BISA to continue to pay costs every month but I also don't want to lose history.

The other thing to think about is the number of active users has greatly diminished. I will keep everyone posted.

Kind Regards


Thanks for the update Scott, definitely worth getting the archive. 

Not sure if this will help - but this applet may help if you can get the JSON files!? 


Which ever way we go, we would need to do some spring cleaning for the 'new' forum. 

Unfortunately that article is 10 years old and no longer relevant. I've heavily explored options and was prepared to pay to have the site migrated as a once off a year or so ago. 

Without an archive, it makes it very difficult. Ning know this and this is why they haven't developed and won't developer an archive option. Ning has been was taken over several times and since the new company took over, the door was closed to data exports.


Many customers are in our position and with the falling Australian dollar, loss of sponsorship and big drop off in use of the site, it's not economical to continue.

Brisbane Cyclist closing at the end of April
Posted by Damian M, website manager, on 9-Apr-2020
Reply by Stephen W on 12-Apr-2020
... I notice that some of your content is also archived here: https://web.archive.org/web/20191008055806/http://www.brisbanecycli...

The above link includes dates of Sep-2019.
Maybe Damien archived the data before the Ning controls.
Suggest asking Damien by emailing damian @ damianm . com


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