Hello followers of AC,

Sad news for the few of us who still enjoy using AC for local riding issues - see below.  BISA took over the management and financial responsibilities when Gus retired from his creation in 2016.

"The fees to host Adelaide Cyclists have increased significantly, and the site sponsor has withdrawn as there is a small number of regular users.  We appreciate the friendly support we had from tindall gask bentley lawyers over the years.

BISA understands the site is an important information and discussion source for some users. However, as an organisation we cannot sustain the ongoing costs associated with the site and a decision on the site’s future is imminent.

We would like to hear your thoughts before making a decision. Do you have an idea on how the yearly costs can be recovered? It would require raising approximately $1200 per year at this stage and the costs may continue to increase.

Although AC may close it does not mean an alternative discussion forum cannot be found. BISA may be able to open one on our website for example or other alternatives investigated (outside Facebook for those that do not want to participate in that social media site)."

Kind regards
Katie Gilfillan
The Bicycle Institute of SA

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Hi Katie,

Can you email me off-line about this please? mark.parnell@parliament.sa.gov.au

Cheers, Mark

Have done Mark - sorry for the slow response to your email. It is a crazy time.  I will email again today. Thanks


An unfortunate yet foreseeable outcome.  There's been much good will and information shared on these pages. Many thanks to the regular constructive contributors over the years.

Can AC members suggest alternative advertisers for the AC forum?
One advertiser pay $1,200 per annum, or two advertisers pay $650 each, or three advertisers pay $420 each. 

I am surprised that Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers continued to advertise on the AC forum, after the SA Govt changed the CTP scheme for vehicle insurance.
It has reduced how much compensation can be claimed by an injured person, but also discourages a claimant from consulting a lawyer.
“If the total amount of compensation paid to you by the CTP Insurer for your claim is $25,000 or less, no legal fees or associated costs can be recovered by you as part of your claim.” Reference www.ctp.sa.gov.au/injured-people/legal-advice

Geez $1200 per year seems small change...

Neither BISA or AC charge membership fees.
Ross, do you have ideas on how to raise $1200 per year?
Could we be certain that 120 AC members would donate $10 per year? (Two less coffees!)
How would this be done?
Due to a ban on public meetings, cannot organise a ride to Henley Square and ask for donations.
Do you recall the large turn-out for the Mad Hatter Ride along the River Torrens Linear Park?

to all,

we have a small web team that could launch a new alternative site (it was built when AC was going to be closed several years ago) and this site can be reinstated. 

we are setting a Google survey to help with the process.

an email chain has been setup regarding the site

Are there free options?

To me, the ideal would be a site which hosts forums for free (even if it has ads), and which allows all the current content to be transplanted. Then if someone wants to buy the domain name and redirect it to the forums, that is relatively cheap, like around $100/year, isn't it?

Equal2Lance, guess you will post the link here when your survey is ready.
Appropriate that AC web manager emails all AC members so they can contribute to the discussion.

I have nil knowledge on hosting a website.
Have you seen Baron's post of yesterday 31-Mar-2020 at www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/local-cycling-forums
I posted on Baron's webpage but do not know when he will see it.

Hopefully we can discuss the situation and find a good solution, even a combined solution.
I have extra knowledge as a BISA committee member but will not discuss publicly because I am not the BISA leader.

My initial thoughts are along the lines of Peter B's thoughts.

I could create a new forum in an hour and import the current content - providing BISA would export the content and allow us to import it - Depending on the size of the current content, this could cost me nothing to create. If the content is huge, there may be an associated cost. 

Transferring the domain name is a possibility - but has a cost associated.

My current site (WordPress and PhpBB) is run out of the US of A. As the host provides me with great support at a great price. Every three years I work check their competitiveness, but have been with them for about 10 years now. 

AC Website is built on Ning - there is an app that will export the forum data (users with avatars, posts and internal links) to PhpBB, Drupal and Wordpress built forums. 

Hi Baron,

Can you please email me at katie.gilfillan@bisa.asn.au to discuss or put your email up here and I will get in contact.




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