It seems like there is a lot of negativity on this site at times.  To give DPTI a helping hand in what they do, let's give examples of where best practice infrastructure has been installed in South Australia.  With good examples DPTI can gain confidence that they're doing something well and can continue this trend.

At the end of the week I will summarise a list of examples and forward these to DPTI, The Minister for Transport etc and a few others to congratulate them on the good examples of friendly cycling infrastructure.

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I am glad that DPTI has resurfaced a lot of Greenhill Rd east of Fullarton Rd  :-)

The part of my morning commute that is completely separate from motor traffic thanks to the Frome Street bicycle lane, joining with Linear Park and the Mann Terrace in North Adelaide:

I hope you are going up Frome Street not down :-)

Oh yes :) Up or down, I use that bike lane.

I really don't like the Frome Rd "bike lane" ...

pedestrians who look surprised & lots of stops even though the road is "green"

Also, I rode the section of Frome St that links to South Tce the other day - was kind of ok with my soon to be 9 yr old - but certainly not a commute/utility cyclist route - way too much stop start...

That stretch is soon to be improved significantly (as you probably already know).

There is no sign there of anything happening to the North Terrace - Victoria Drive section ?

Yes it's nasty going up the hill on the footpath in that bike lane.  I've had a couple of near tumbles because I'm clipped in and   people walk all over the place out of the RAH and across to the various bus stops.  Plus there is the odd strange person coming down the hill on a bike :-)

I thought it was up only ;)

You know it's one way, up only :-)

Useful short link along the train line as part of the Merino Greenways - from Victoria St to Cromer Pde.  Saves that turn,turn turn along the streets. 

Went along a connecting link yesterday along the Sturt River linear path - Anzac Hwy opposite Camden Oval to Dunbar Tce.  Again saves some street winding.


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