It seems like there is a lot of negativity on this site at times.  To give DPTI a helping hand in what they do, let's give examples of where best practice infrastructure has been installed in South Australia.  With good examples DPTI can gain confidence that they're doing something well and can continue this trend.

At the end of the week I will summarise a list of examples and forward these to DPTI, The Minister for Transport etc and a few others to congratulate them on the good examples of friendly cycling infrastructure.

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The thread, not the ones in the road...

Kind of hard to be optimistic on conditions after daily rides that knock you out of your seat (Henley Beach bike path @ James Congdon underpass) though I wonder how big of role budget plays on the road conditions. 

No need to wonder. It is all about the budget. We are all constrained by budget. Whilst some of us can readily find $1K for a power meter for our $6K bike, others struggle to find enough to buy a new tube for our junkyard freebie. Revenue plays its part along with our priorities. Perhaps there is a Maslow's Heirachy of cycling needs.

edit: looks like there is: What-I-cant-live-without


I'll congratulate them on the smooth straight bits between the sharp corners that rip your arms off.

Great idea Ian. I was going to comment that I couldn't think of anything but if I honestly look for positives (not perfection) then the tram crossing on the corner of South Tce/Peacock Rd is a definate improvement. (Just need to remind left turning motorist to watch out for us somehow and work on the Greenhill Rd/Peacock Rd end that would be great).

I like the bike signals from Victoria Drive to the Botanic Gardens across Frome Street - bicycles have their own advanced green to cross before cars start turning.

Great idea.

  • The green paint bike lane on Greenhill Rd where it meets Fullarton Rd actually seems to work - cars do seem to avoid driving on it, especially when they are moving into the left turn lanes. I was very doubtful about this, but I was wrong about it. 
  • The changes to Victoria Park are great. The bike lane through the middle as well as the crit circuit are both well implemented (and I think DPTI is responsible)

The bike signal lights at the Fullarton and Grant T-junction when you come out of Victoria Park works well too.

Yes, that's is a really good one, that is used by lots of cyclists. 

Can we extend to ACC?  I like the idea of making things easier such as free bike pumps in the city if I ever have a flat near 25 Pirie Street or the BMX track off Unley Road.

I like the prioritised bicycle signals on the corner of Pulteney St and Pirie St. They give cyclists a nice clear head start through the intersection. 

Thanks Ian.  My role in State Parliament is to push for things to be better and promote an alternative vision for the State. When it comes to cycling, that can be a depressing task.  I recall that the campaign from cycling groups a number of years ago was to get a measly 1% of the transport budget spent on cycling.  Sounds pretty modest, but would be a massive increase on the status quo. And all this in an environment where bicycles have outsold cars for 11 years in a row.

But I do believe in bouquets as well as brick-bats.  I took this photo on Amy's Ride on Sunday.  It's the bike storage facility at the new Seaford Meadows Railway Station.  I much prefer this model to the exclusive-use bike lockers that are common at other railway stations.

BTW, the cyclist in the hi-vis top in the background is Greens Senator Penny Wright, who these days rides an electric assist bicycle, after a 4wd failed to give way and destroyed her right knee back in 2010. She made a 1min video at the end of Amy's ride if you're interested:

Sure there are improvements coming along but if you ask for best practice infrastructure then I am struggling to find any examples. Too narrow painted bike lanes in dooring zones, sharrows, bike boxes, crossings of 6-8 lane road (Greenhill) which is merely an island and some handrails doesn’t cut it. Improvements yes – best practise not. Frome Road looks promising although it is again an example of believing cyclists should be using back streets (connecting to park lands stopping at each cross road) rather than providing the ‘fastest’/quickest/easiest way from A to B.

I understand you can only do so much with so little, and that the approach is to do at something so that we can lure more cyclists out which may in turn generate more support. Unfortunately it is a slow, and dare I say unsafe, way of increasing the uptake of people using a bicycle as a mode of transportation, but presumably the right political approach to hedge any chances of getting re-elected.


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