Standish Klemzig, Mile End and Morphett Vale are closed until further notice. Standish Hyde Park is operating as usual.

In 2017 Standish West Lakes closed after 43 years.

Go back 2 years and similar news would have been posted on AC, in time for members to attend the sale. AC membership is still high at 4,970 but fewer members are posting.

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I indicated that old news, and disappointing that fewer timely AC posts.
A friend picked up a good frame on sale from Standish. Did not state which branch. My impression that recently, to replace a stolen bike.
The manufacturer's website indicates a limited lifetime warranty for an original owner.

i was looking up something about Super Elliott's the other day, stumbled across this  lot of info about Standish

Always difficult to see a store go under as there are jobs lost and hard for all involved. 

I did however need to purchase a new chain from a lbs the other day. Checked what I needed online, noticed price online $17, suggested retail $30. Ok, I needed it quickly so would be happy to pay retail at the lbs I purchased the bike from. The store fortunately had it in stock at a bargain price of $40.

Its a competitive world - and the internet is winning.



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