The feature current feature story Adelaidenow is another motorists v cyclists item.

It asks the question "How can we end the war between cyclists and cars?"

For a start, maybe AdelaideNow could stop publishing inflammatory articles that fan the tensions along with the inevitable counter productive and often factually incorrect comments

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based on those... I would say maybe they should be more vocal on the advocacy side of what they do...  

There will be a lot of discussion on this topic at BISA very soon.  BikeSA was originally set up as a touring cyclists organisation.  BikeSA has, with Christian Haag, started marketing themselves as advocacy.  Feel free to come along to the BISA meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at the Cancer Council of SA.

"Far left as practicable" not possible. Practicable is as decided by the cyclist, not the following motorists, and doesn't exclude claiming the lane for safety. 

This is something poorly misunderstood, even by many cyclists, based on how many of them I see dangerously gutter hugging. 

David, along the lines that the media could take more responsibility . . .

The Advertiser, Tue 26-Aug-2014, page 4.
Attributes data to Department of Transport, although has long been known as DPTI.
In Greater Adelaide area during 2013:
-- 911 collisions involving cyclists
-- 3 cyclists killed
-- 46 collisions caused serious injury
On average over last 5 years 945 cyclists per year involved in collisions

Typical of media:
-- Used word ‘accidents’ rather than ‘collisions’ or ‘crashes’, implying that collisions were unavoidable and discouraging drivers from taking responsibility or improving driving.
-- Does not state that majority of bicycle-vehicle collisions are the fault of drivers
-- Does not include other data that would indicate many sub-standard drivers
-- Does not include high number of vehicle-vehicle collisions

Some of The Advertiser’s own info collection that it could have referred to:
-- ‘Four in every five crashes between cars and bicycles caused by driver of car’. Published in Adelaide Now on 19-Feb-2013. “Four in every five crashes between cars and bicycles are caused by the driver of the car, police statistics show.
The study by Adelaide University's Centre for Automotive Safety Research could end the long-running debate between drivers and cyclists about who is to blame for accidents.
Researcher Tori Lindsay studied the cause of bicycle accidents from police statistics after a large increase from 12 per cent of all crashes resulting in hospital admission in 2001 to 17.4 per cent in 2010.”

-- ‘Surge in cyclists' injuries, deaths on Adelaide roads’. Published in The Advertiser on 17-Jun-2013. “Adelaide needs more bike lanes, improved road surfaces and better driver behaviour to stem a sharp rise in the number of cyclists injured or killed on the city's roads in the past decade, experts say. Driver inattention is being blamed as the major factor for the 35 per cent rise in cyclist casualties, costing the state more than $20 million a year.”

-- ‘Fixed speed (and red light) cameras earn $600,000 per week in SA’. Published in The Advertiser on 24-Nov-2013 and Adelaide Now on 26-Nov-2013.

I think the key is that if you do argue, don't bother arguing all the little points, splitting hairs. Just be concise, stick to the main points and show a human side to whatever you write.

I was interested to look in the Advertiser letters page today expecting to see the columns filled with the usual anti nonsense, but instead the advertiser picked a half dozen very reasonable and balanced, even-pro comments to publish - good effort

Interesting article about Perth and Vancouver.

Vancouver - "A follow-up study has shown that traffic times are virtually the same, cycle trips are way up, collisions have dropped 18 per cent and businesses have suffered very little,"

Perth - "As recently as last month, scuffles broke out at a City of Vincent council meeting amid concerns that a new bike plan would lead to fewer carparking bays in Oxford Street."


or under it or beside it.  I don't care which way you cross busy roads, just not through it.

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