The feature current feature story Adelaidenow is another motorists v cyclists item.

It asks the question "How can we end the war between cyclists and cars?"

For a start, maybe AdelaideNow could stop publishing inflammatory articles that fan the tensions along with the inevitable counter productive and often factually incorrect comments

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Alternatively, the Government could sent someone to the VeloCity conference and learnt some good ideas.  How is a random group of people going to come up with something better?

The other thing that could influence the outcome is the terms of reference and agenda and processes that are used.  Maybe we need to try and get someone of influence to try and have an input into this.

Yes, why ask international experts when you could ask the great unwashed?  :(

Here is the previous Citizen's Jury

Presumably this is a cheaper version of the old politicians trick of hiring a consultant to prepare your report so if people don't like it you can distance yourself from it.  

Yep - pretty much another fanning of a smouldering issue with a dumb ass headline.

Totally predictable comments - or was that the real point of it all? I note you need to sign up for The Advertiser to comment - trying to increase their subscription rate?

What junk reporting on a so called "War" - I don't see any war at all. Maybe 1 motorist in a 1000 occasionally does something that is dangerous when in the vicinity of a cyclist.

The Premier is trying to do something - great, kudos. Better yet (as already pointed out) would be real actual meaningful funding increases - pretty easy right now as the current budget has $0 allocated to cycling.

New spending on Cyclists Infrastructure I noticed this morning:

Yes the bike lane that appears only next to the traffic lights which complements the bike lanes that disappear at the traffic lights.  Cyclists have to stop being self centred worrying about their own safety.  You can have a bike lane at the traffic lights or a bike lane on the rest of the road, but to have a bike lane all the way through is just plain greedy. Come on guys share the road!

Paul, that is not a bicycle lane. It is actually a vehicle installation to give priority to drivers. Cyclists are required to use operational bike lanes, so purpose is to discourage cyclists from 'claiming the lane' while waiting for traffic lights to go green.

Silly me thinking that they were there for the benefit of cyclists.

Need to get an impartial Editor in the Advertiser too- p 16 "Adelaide is a car city and that is not going to change". I wonder if he was one of the one way freeway supporters? Maybe it's not going to change, but need more people in positions of influence who at least have an open mind

crikey..He’s probably angling for a job with that lying Lord Mayoral candidate(Hamilton?)

of ALL  the major cities in Australia, Adelaide’s layout, climate and geography best suit more cycling not less.

Yep, but the "we've always done it this way" mentality is still too prevalent in this town. Not enough ideas and innovation and even less money to fund them. All the complaints about Holden closing- have any of the decision makers considered gearing the local industry towards a local bike, or at least bike parts? The technology and infrastructure is possibly already in place, just needing retooling and training? Might be a dumb idea, but it's an idea rather than a roadblock.


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