The feature current feature story Adelaidenow is another motorists v cyclists item.

It asks the question "How can we end the war between cyclists and cars?"

For a start, maybe AdelaideNow could stop publishing inflammatory articles that fan the tensions along with the inevitable counter productive and often factually incorrect comments

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Seriously, time to write to Jay and give him the low down that all he needs is available on the interweb.  Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V.  No wonder our Governmental system spends so much money and does nothing.  BISA and AC can help him with locating all of the resources he requires.

I'm sure there are enough people here that could pen a short note to our premier and copied to Mr Mulligan to direct them to:

* Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V for infrastructure design from successful countries (not the US and Canada).

* Direct and fund DPTI to complete required modifications (A 5% allocation to cycling in the road budget would be a good start).

* Address the intersections.

* Integrate the public transport.

* Employ and empower people specifically for cycling design review and advice.

* Create a proper plan and extract a digit and do it.

5% allocation to cycling in the road budget would be a good start).
Am I right that there were $0 zero dollars allocated to cycling infrastructure in the most recent state budget?

I'm very interested to know if any AC forum members have made it onto this Citizen's Jury thingo?

Citizens Jury? Aw, shit.

If we say even 10% of South Australians are cyclists, this panel is going to be 32 people who don't ride vs 3 people who do.

No prizes for guessing what's going to come out of that.

People who have never properly ridden a bicycle on the road should have no right to even weigh in on this "war" crap, let alone be the overwhelming majority of the "jury".

Looks like one-abreast and mandatory high viz is in our future, if not some form of licensing and registration...

that's if they don't propose banning cycles from the roads entirely!:(

I think they've foreseen that, and limited the scope of the "report" appropriately:

“Motorists and cyclists will always be using our roads — what things could be we trial to ensure they share the roads safely?’’

So a continuation of victim blaming then...hi-viz and only on bike paths/lanes:( and perhaps a completely unworkable licence and rego scheme?

normally i would say .. No way will that happen, But with the current spending on cycle infrastructure and the general point of view shown by " unbiased media"... i think we in for a fair bit of pandering to the ignorant... 

Maybe they will start at this years Bupa ride... expect hi viz with reflector stripes.. 

The TDU was "be safe, be seen"...

Thirty Five "randomly selected" citizens who actually turn up at such a forum are not going to be totally random.  Many who are asked may not have the time or could not be bothered in an issue that may not be of interest to them.  I suspect for a large majoity of non cyclists, cycling is a non issue. 

I really hope you're right and that general apathy will be our friend here.

I fear though that with the general rhetoric directed against cyclists in the media and on radio over the last 1-2 years that many average joe motorists will be motivated to finally do something about "the scourge of the roads":(

The problem with the randomly selection method is that there is no quality control or checks and balances.  Even if those selected, proportionally represent the population, if there is an articulate cyclist hater among the jurors, but no cycling friendly jurors with those same skills, the former could dominated debate and persuade the apathetic majority to adopt some anti cycling policies. 

This whole process is flawed democracy that allows the politicians to absolve themselves of responsibility.  We elect politicians to make decisions based on their policies.  Instead we have a process that has a random input and so we can only expect a random output.  Not a good way for government to operate.


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