The bike lane on Port Road's north eastern side at Croydon is currently under seige from Krispy Kremes addicts seeking a sugar fix. These unfortunate people will stop at nothing to satisfy their addiction, and think nothing of parking in the bike line (no parking  7.30-9am, 4.30-6pm). My wife counted 11 cars and a truck illegally parked there this morning.

KK are making repeated requests on their FB site for their clients to be aware of the bike lane, but in the orgy of doughnut craving, the message isn't getting through. SAPOL have been seen booking folks, and the council have nabbed a few as well. I would expect that it will die down in terms of numbers in the next few weeks, but i reckon it will be an ongoing problem. That and the entrance to the associated On the Run outlet which has an entrance ridiculously close to the Port Road/Rosetta street traffic lights, meaning you can get cut off from cars suddenly turning in after a build up of traffic at the lights.

So just be extra careful at this new hazard on Port Road.

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Beware of muggers with knives as well.

Is it ironic that KK will deliver if you want?

I read a report of a car accident outside tonight.


+1 bahahahaha

The Council was booking everyone, they had at least two compliance officers out and I heard the Police had a no caution policy, you break the rules, you get booked, no questions. I was also told up to six patrols were on the scene.

I heard that the cops were there...just for the donuts!

Ha, I suppose whilst they were waiting in line the figured they'd raise a bit  of revenue.

is this multi-tasking?

What a pity that bike-lane infringements don't "earn" demerit points.  Drivers who negligently or deliberately ignore bike lanes create a safety hazard, and do not deserve to retain their driver's licences.

You shouldn't be allowed to buy them unless you ride your bike or walk/run there.

Paul, :)

Recall story in Australian Cyclist. A woman with her children plus their friends cycled to a burger fast-food place. She thought it would be fun to use the driveway service (also easier than securing several bicycles) but told the service was only for cars. Would have been obliged to buy burgers that time rather than disappoint children, but would not encourage repeat visits.

When I hosted dinner parties and a need to buy wine, disappointed that my local shop would not install bicycle parking. The same business had bought the adjoining block and demolished a house to provide car parking. But vetoed spending a mere $100 for bicycle parking. Encouraged to take my business elsewhere. A hotel in the next suburb did not have bicycle parking, but would take my orders in the driveway service while I waited with my bike.

The new Fassima liquor store on Anzac Highway installed some nice bike racks near their entrance, so now get my custom.


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