For those that were wondering why the Peacock Road Bikelane was closed this morning here is the link.

note the footpath bike track is still fully open if you dont want to use the enclosed concrete lane.

Dot points for cyclist.

  • angle parking is being changed to parallel 
  • bike lanes are going back (but probably closer to the footpath)
  • cyclists heading into the city will no longer have to wait for right turning cars at South Tce

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With the switch to parallel parking on KW street, does that mean the bicycle lane will be in the door zone?

I can find any tech drawings of how close it is going to be, but it looks like the parking is behind the tree line so there might be enough room for a DoorZone buffer.   ACC are generally ok at adding that.

You'd hope so. Just looking around in Google Maps - which admittedly might be out of date - I can see bike lanes in the door zone in Hindley, Rundle and Flinders Streets. Pirie Street is an attempt to do it right.

So I rode the new bike lane today, and I have to say it is definitely worse than the previous situation. The lane is very much in the door zone of the parallel parks, and to make matters worse the two lanes of traffic are quite narrow. This will make my preferred option of treating a door-zone bike lane as a ‘no ride’ zone difficult and potentially dangerous.
I guess the one silver lining is that there will be fewer parked cars to deal with.

I like that the project means better tram services for everyone, but it’s a shame that the ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for the bike lane here was used to make things worse!

The only type of parking that makes sense to me is angle parking where you reverse in , and drive out forward , like they do in many of the old country towns in Victoria and New South Wales. 

We reverse in to the driveway at home and drive out forward, been doing it for about 50 years, so much safer for everyone.   

As a cyclist, I don't mind angle parking reverse out, because I can see the reversing lights. On the other hand, with angle parking reverse in, the driver would be perfectly placed to see a cyclist (or anyone else), and a cyclist can see the driver.

Certainly either is better than parallel parking and putting a bicycle lane in the door zone! But parallel parking is usually preferred because it takes up the least road width.

Some sections have great clearance between parked cars and bikes, but others (photo) are more like side mirror zones.


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