My boys are interested in being like Dad and want to learn to ride road bikes, the problem is they are both only "shortstuffs", the eldest being 10 and just over 4ft tall the other 9 and just a touch smaller.. what size bikes should I be looking for? before I go trooping around looking in multiple stores. Obviously they will grow eventually, so im not looking not break the bank just for good reliable bikes for learning. 

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Pro-Lite have a distributor in Qld who shops to Aust and they do a 650c wheel size youth bike for about $700. A colleague got one for his son and thought it was great. I'll try and get him to comment here.

Fuji 650c and 24" roadbikes  Both under $500

I know a very good firm in the Uk. They may deliver to Australia. They constantly score top reviews on bike radar, higher than Fuji or giant. I believe the luath is the road bike version. Very good sizing charts on their site too
My daughter has a beinn 26.


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