Kickstarter: Innovative new Bike Light designed here in Adelaide

Hi All

In winter we all know the importance of having a good bike light!

I have been helping my friend Des with the marketing of on a innovative new bike light project called Ding, designed right here in Adelaide.

Check it out on Kickstarter - Ding Bike Light by Design Brains

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It's a great looking product with lots of well thought out functions. It's great that this sort of development can happen here in Adelaide and be successful around the world.

Thanks for the support Gus!

What drone was that filmed with?

I think most purist roadie noobs wouldnt use one cos its so functional and lacks a pretentious edge. 

These will be popular lights with the commuter crew for sure. 

Hi Durian Rider. It was a contractor - CopterCam I think. One of the guys from Diamonds Cameras on Rundle St was the camera operator.
Would you like me to speak with the inventor, see if we can hook you up with a prototype to look at?

Fantastic looking product. I just started commuting again through the cbd and I had forgotten how sketchy it can be. This is a good looking piece of kit. Would tick a few boxes for sure.

Thanks for the compliments. I was one of the riders in the drone cam filming, and I can honestly say, the downward light is pretty incredible. Makes a huge difference, especially in the pitch black. Would be great for Norton Summit morning runs where there's no street lighting!

Noticed this got released for sale a few hours ago. Coincidence?

Hi Andrew. I had no idea of the Indigo launch date, and I doubt the inventor Des did either. The two lights are both Adelaide designed but very different. The DING Kickstarter campaign was actually delayed about a month due to finalising a few things. Des is very supportive of all Adelaide innovators.

Thanks Jim. :)

Is there a rear version?

Sorry if someone has asked this already.

Hi Edward. If you can keep a secret, due to the many comments and requests like you own, Des is already back in the workshop working on the design! We'll keep you posted! :)

I'll use one of those for sure


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