A few weeks ago I was bikepacking / touring and by trying to avoid the main roads came across a nice bike track just on the outskirts of Kadina . It looked like it was heading in the right direction towards Wallaroo so I "jumped " on it and yes it did come out at Wallaroo ..

Very nice bike track , very new , no white lines , no signage . 

Has anyone ridden on it or know if it has a name  ? 

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I searched the Copper Coast Council website at http://www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au but did not easily find bike path info.
Suggest you ask via email info@coppercoast.sa.gov.au.
Of course thank council for this bicycle path, and suggest they promote such touring cyclist facilities.

P.S. Would be safer if the bollards were painted white, rather than drab colour that blends in too well with the path surface. Please suggest to the council.

Heather, I remember a few years ago Belgium was looking at changing the colour of the traffic light poles, something to do with enhancing safety. I do wonder if white, in Australian light & sunshine, wouldn't be too reflective.

I did some quick (non English) research and found that The Netherlands also focus their colouring choices on safety. The Belgian colours were changed in/around 2013 and may have been more a political statement than anything else; traffic light poles were changed to blocks of yellow/black, but as these are the colours of the Flemish region, Brussels region took some offense and changed their poles to their colours of yellow/blue. The Netherlands have black/white blocks, although for all regions, commentators have highlighted the obvious that black would probably not increase visibility during night time.

Since the trail is in the "Copper Coast", perhaps a reddish colour may be a good choice.

For a good example of a visible bollard, download Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides, 2nd edition Apr-2014. On page 126, Figure 7.17: Example of a bollard treatment. I could not save the image. Yellow bollard, with horizontal reflective stripes. One wide red stripe, bordered by two narrow silver stripes.

I know of two AC members who have been injured after hitting ‘invisible’ bollards.
Even worse example. Sunday 19-Jun-2016 around 7pm on a Goolwa bike path near the Merrett Av entrance. A 46yo Goolwa Beach man injured when he hit a bollard. Died later on 27-Jun-2016. http://www.victorharbortimes.com.au/story/4009141/cyclist-dies-afte...

I was going to launch into a tirade about bollards on bike paths , but after reading about this terrible tragic accident (which I hadn't heard about) , I'll leave it for another time.  

It appears to have been under construction since 2015.

Link 1

Link 2

Love it! Expand it!

Ross, this might interest you. 

The first stage of construction of the new Rail Trail linking Kadina to Wallaroo has been completed.
The newsletter Copper Post, produced by the Copper Coast Council, Oct-2017

Cycling and Walking Strategy of the District Council of the Copper Coast, 44 pages

Helen D posted on 21-Oct-2017 her review of the local cycling trails.
500 km of continuous trail around the Yorke Peninsula’s coastline from Port Wakefield to Moonta.

Hi Heather , thanks for the information about “Walk the York” .

I have ridden about 90% of it about 6 months ago on my mountain bike , from Adelaide to Adelaide via Port Wakefield fully loaded with camping gear, cooking gear and food etc. It is a great concept with some parts of it very nice and scenic, and some parts un-rideable because of deep sand, steps and poor sign-age. At the moment it seems more like a trail for half day or full day trippers (mainly walkers) from one central location / caravan park etc

All in all it's a pretty tough ride, but has the potential of being one of the best “local” adventure bike packing / touring rides in South Australia .


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