JUST WHAT THE DOC ORDERED >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday June 7th 2014.

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No. of Riders : 39




After last week’s wet and tough riding conditions, today’s GW ride was just what the doctor ordered.

No rain, no wind, great turn-out and a nice casual 59km flat ride to kick-start the long week-end. Well it was not exactly a casual ride. The perfect conditions led to a fast and furious pace on all of the route legs. Yet, whilst it was fast there was definitely an under-current of “let’s just enjoy the ride”.

Unfortunately we had a  crash on the SOB, with Doug ending up having to go to hospital with what looks like a shoulder injury. Hope you get well soon Doug. Thank you to all the assisted Doug after his accident. He was released from hosp this arvo ...yippeee...so all looks good!

What is becoming clear to us is that the GW rides are not really about the ride.

The ride is the common purpose as to why we get together every Saturday. However the REAL ENJOYMENT comes from the friendship, the comradeship, the social interaction .....and never having to ride alone.

To explain further stay tuned as others tell you more about their GW experience today.

NEXT WEEK: We will be holding another huge GW undulating ride to downtown Wasleys and Freeling. Details have been posted on AC Events and we would love to see YOU there!

PS: All comments posted on this ride report go into the draw for the $30 STAR CYCLES voucher. All AC & GW members can enter, with the winner drawn after next week’s GW ride.


PS2: We do have one gripe about today’s GW ride…..it was over too soon. Please enjoy:

Neil DiamondGW RIDE 7/6.. "DONE TOO SOON”



Terry telling us about his recent eye operation

Today’s GW Quiz: Who does this very spiffy bike belong to?

Lovely to see Megan back out for a GW ride

Just started .............................and loving it

No enough room on the SOB for all of us!

But ......we soon spread out

Cruising happily on today’s GW ride

Cheers to you too!

Michael, with new arm-warmers after last week’s tribulations

Another GW HOT sexy Italian Stud

Paul and Co

Derick and Co

Dan and Matthew on the SOB

Followed by the very sophisticated ...and beautiful Sue

The very *hot stud*... and mighty Mat

Newbie Steve enjoying his first GW ride

Andrea…”Yep...it’s not just about the ride folks”. Tell us more Andrea.

Craig at Two Wells: Please explain the pose mate!

Alistair, Karen and grand-daughter Skye post-ride. Beautiful.

Sue & Derick – post ride GW fun


Finally today, the Gawler Wheelers say farewell..... and pay our respects to the one & only >>>  Doc Neeson:

Doc Neeson & The Angels - "Take A Long Line"


Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.


Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013

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The bike in question belongs to Dale.

Two words for today.-Just fast.  Oh, it was also a blast....


Lee, you were riding today as though you you were possessed.....or on the hippee beans! Which one was it??

Fantastic riding today Lee...I could not even keep up with you!! Well done.


The light shone on Lee today (front)...catch me if you can... he kept singing!!




No yippee beans Frank, but I may have said "Yippee" a few times!

what the Lee, I was cruising with you and we were talking near the back? then you took off by the sounds of it.

Just been to Lyell Mac  -  DOUG HAS BEEN SENT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great news, Douggie - hope you're not too uncomfortable and the recovery is swift and uncomplicated.

It was great to see the GW Family in action today...............we ALL wish you well, Doug.


Thanks for the update  and your earlier phone call Carl.

I called the hospital a couple of hours ago and they also told me that Doug had gone home. They would not say much more due to privacy etc. Can't be too bad if they let him out today?


Carl....arriving for today's GW ride.

(Love having you in the Gawler Wheelers Carl!      You are such a caring person)





When at the main reception at Lyell Mac  I  was informed that Doug was not on their admissions listing, which meant either he had been discharged or had been moved on to another hospital for surgery (lack of manpower at LM on a long weekend).  Having seen Doug's distress this morning  I  was expecting the latter,  but I was relieved to be informed by the Emergency Dept reception that he'd gone home.

There are many people who deserve special thanks regarding today's incident (you know who you are) and special thanks must also go to the crew of Ambo #98 who were very professional and caring.

Frank,  I believe in treating people in a manner that  I  also like to be treated - I help because  I  can,  and hopefully the day  I  need some assistance there will be someone around to help.

Carl, I have found you are always among the first to stand up and be counted. I wasn't happy leaving with Doug still on the ground.  But I could see he was in good hands, which he obviously was.


I felt the same way Paul, very awkward leaving but knew there were more than enough people looking after poor Doug.  I would have wanted people to continue on their ride if I was in that situation I think.  He was in great hands with all of you! Well done GW riders !   It was a great ride that continued, though a little subdued, I rode in a very consistent  pack and was aware everyone was head down and focused on having a great, safe ride !  Was awesome actually.  So thank you once again for the comradery and friendship guys and gals :) Special mention to Carl too for getting me down Ansteys on Sunday :) with the GG ride and the lovely Wendy for her company :) Had a great weekend of cycling.  Was great to see part of my tribe at the GG ride :)  


I would like to thank all who helped me on Saturday after my fall. You are all a great bunch of people and I really enjoy riding with youl. I'm home at the moment. Had to go back to hospital for further CT scans on Wednesday and they are operating on Friday. I have a broken displaced collar bone, fractured clavicle and a cracked rib. So feeling a bit sorry and sore but will be on the mend soon. Thanks again to all. Doug

Great to hear from you Doug. As I was talking on the phone to the ambo's and seeing the pain you were in it was a surprise that you were home so soon. Now the fuller picture has come out. Sorry to hear all this and wishing you a speedy and full recovery

Yes all the best Doug on the op and recovery it could of been any one of us. Be good to see you soon back on the bike.


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