So having a family with two very young kids, and a retail job which is demanding of my time, like a lot of people, I am fairly pressed for times to ride. So I'm often up with the alarm clock starting in a 4 (sometimes even a 3...), and out riding in the dark.

I thought it really lent itself to a good story, largely as I am normally riding by myself, and so my mind is goes on all sorts of tangents. I wrote this story about a ride I did a little while ago, one morning before work.

I definitely get jealous of people that can go out, without lights, and get big rides done on a frequent basis! Who else has to push themselves to get out of bed at ridiculous o'clock just to keep their legs ticking over?

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Having a top partner is something that has absolutely been brought to my attention (and not JUST by my partner...) as something that is a must to continue with a solid cycling schedule.

BTW, you guys REALLY enjoyed a rest between drinks there! ;)


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