Has anyone else come across joggers in the dark wearing all black with no reflectors or lights.

I came across 3 separate joggers last night in the West Parklands and even with a bright light I only just saw them in time.

I know there's not much that can be done about it but wearing ALL BLACK on bike tracks.. what's up with that?

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I come across joggers and walkers in a local on-road bike lane (for cyclists not pedestrians). Hard to see them. Why do some pedestrians walk on the road, when there is a footpath?

That footpath is fine for walking, but I have not tried jogging there. There is an ARR about pedestrians not to obstruct cyclists in bicycle lanes. Do not know why they walk along the bicycle lane in the dark, and when a risk of being hit.

>No there isn't....

Of course there is. As you always harp on - a cyclist is a driver in the ARRs, then again I guess a resident pedant could argue that the rules are not specific to cyclists and that a road is not a bike lane:-

236  Pedestrians not to cause a traffic hazard or obstruction

  1. A pedestrian must not cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a driver.
    Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.
  2. A pedestrian must not unreasonably obstruct the path of any driver or another pedestrian.

238  Pedestrians travelling along a road (except in or on a wheeled recreational device or toy)

  1. A pedestrian must not travel along a road if there is a footpath or nature strip adjacent to the road, unless it is impracticable to travel on the footpath or nature strip.

I harp on again - Strict Liability Legislation.

>If I'm walking somewhere and a cyclist startles me, I may be liable to react in an unpredictable manner which could possibly include turning around such that my arm may swing out a bit and just happen to send the offender's bicycle into the nearest waterway or over a fence.

That sounds like aggravated assault.

(BTW I was back here to post rule 239 but rossmg has already posted it).

Yeah, rule 239 is pretty clear.

Frankly, I as a pedestrian will commonly walk on the road and yeah I often wear dark coloured clothing. But not main roads and not in bike-lanes. I also don't have music in my ears.



239—Pedestrians on a bicycle path or separated footpath
     (1)     A pedestrian must not be on a bicycle path, or a part of a separated footpath
designated for the use of bicycles, unless the pedestrian—
     (a)     is crossing the bicycle path or separated footpath by the shortest safe route;
     (b)     does not stay on the bicycle path or separated footpath for longer than
necessary to cross the bicycle path or separated footpath safely.
Offence provision.

A shared path is not the same as a separated path or a bicycle path, I believe. I've scoured the road rules and I can't see anything that says pedestrians ever need to give way on a shared path.

I'm pretty sure the paths in the west parklands are shared paths. 

To quote "I come across joggers and walkers in a local on-road bike lane" and "There is an ARR about pedestrians not to obstruct cyclists in bicycle lanes." I was replying to heather's posts rather than the original West Parklands post, hence the cited ARRs.

As far as who should give way and the various laws, etc. I think this is the most over legislated place on earth, there are rules for everything and the population is treated as errant children. Of course there will be a law to cover this and every other situation - usually with the threat of a substantial fine - you just have to look for it. And as far as I am concerned riding sensibly and giving way to ninja pedestrians is fine by me, as is walking on the road in the dark and wearing what you please.

Often the lighting is worse on the footpath, as well as the quality of the surface.  It's easy to trip up an night on some footpaths.

Absolutely! If I go for an evening walk with my wife, I usually choose the street not the brick paving as it's smoother. On the minor collector road I've seen joggers in the bike lane, I wouldn't want to run on the paving at night either - there's a reason the road was recently relaid!

Please let me know how that goes ;-)

I took it to be along the lines of "ride to the conditions" ..

In Japan I found it quite common for people walking home along dark streets to carry a flash-light - to ward off the cars of course.


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