After clearing out my riding gear.. I have several medium and large jerseys that would otherwise go in cleaning rag bag for my bike !!! Also a set of torpedo7 black L Knicks..
Descriptions below;
Torpedo7 l black Knicks - okay for daily commutes..wouldn't ride any considerable distance in them..worn maybe 5 times..
L - bike Sa 2012 velo Adelaide Jersey
L - bike as 2012 ride for pain jersey
M- 3 x BUPA challenge jerseys ..( inc 2014)-
L x 2 ride like crazy jerseys '12 & 13
L 2011 Amy's ride jersey.

All in good condition and free to a good home...
I work in the city and live down South..if you want them all or just a couple let me know...otherwise they become cleaning rags !!!!

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Give em to the salvo's. A new cyclist would really appreciate em.

Or give them to a community cycling organisation run by AC members, i.e. Adelaide Bicycle Community Workshop or The Bike Kitchen.

If getting them to the workshop on a Sat morn is an issue let me know and i'll pick them up from you in the city next week, I can drop them into Mike Brisco on the way home. And before anybody says it, they are all too small for me.

Clive I also have some spares, but can't drop them in. Can you PM a postal address and I will send? Thanks Greg
Where are you located rob? The bibs would be good for my commute if that's ok? And a large jersey to go with them?
Woodcroft Ben and take your pick of the jerseys...I will donate the rest to Clive
Can I grab the ride like crazy shirts? Where in the city do you work?
Hi Ben..King William St..#400. Between Gilles and Halifax..
Sent you a friend request so I can get your address etc and pop by to collect them. Thanks rob


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