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Very sad news :-(

one meter matters? "The 23-year-old was hit by a passing sedan..."

Terrible, tragic news.

I'll just leave this photo here (Bendigo Advertiser) and let people (and hopefully one day, a court) draw their own conclusions.

I don't think it was an overtake. My guess is that she came around a blind corner on her side of the road (possibly distracted), expecting the road to be clear, and instead the cyclist was there travelling at about 1/4 the speed of the car.

Of course, in the end it makes little difference :( :( :(

Peter, I deleted my initial comment and moved part of my second comment to my new thread.
I had not actually noticed the damaged car parked on the right hand side! So initial part of that second comment was nonsense.

Bumping this old (and tragic) thread: the driver has been charged with dangerous driving causing death, careless driving and (to no one's surprise): using a phone while driving. . This is what I was alluding to when I said "let people... draw their own conclusions", above.


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