I guess we know this anyway, but the stats are interesting ...


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Yep good stats. and Adelaide now is a popular website.

Research from:


There is contact info there too, if you wish to thank the researchers etc.

Pat I just posted a comment along these lines, couldn't help myself. I dread to think how many anti cycling trolls are going to post on that story today though, there are already a couple of anti cyclist/lycra comments.

(Mental note....gotta stop reading these)



But the researchers only looked at crashes between vehicles and bikes...anyone reading AC the last few years might ask about crashes that DON'T involve cars. There seems to be an awful lot of accidents reported that involve trips to hospital where no vehicle was involved - cyclists touching wheels, travelling too fast on corners, hitting bumps in the road, running into stationary objects etc. I'd like to see them compare the statistics they have with ALL data available from hospital admissions to identify whether cars are a greater or lesser risk to cyclists, than cyclists are to themselves.

Dahondude, I do not ride in large fast groups, so my greatest threat is vehicles.

>to identify whether cars are a greater or lesser risk to cyclists, than cyclists are to themselves.

I think you will find, that in apart from a few vanishingly rare cases, a cyclist death on the roads always involves a motor vehicle. Motor vehicles present a huge risk to cyclists because they tend to inflict serious injury.

Fair point, but I was referring to hospitalisations not deaths - I know of ~10 people in the last 2 years who have been hospitalised, some seriously, as a result of a bike crash and vehicles were not involved in any of them. Yes, almost all deaths involving cyclists involve vehicles, but serious injuries (broken bones, internal injuries, head injuries) have a major impact on individual cyclists.

At a perfunctory glance the Adelaide Stats match closely those out of Melbourne 18months or so ago ..  80% of the time it is the motor vehicle. Strict Liability Legislation anyone?

And a link to the actual study .. http://casr.adelaide.edu.au/casrpubfile/1327/CASR113.pdf

Strict Liability Legislation anyone?

+1. When negligent drivers get fined for hitting cyclists, the public will start to learn.

Quick correction - the study being discussed is actually this one: 



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