It's possible that some people aren't thinking too carefully ...

I was riding up the Linear Park the other day, when a young mother passed me going the other way on her bike. She had a baby seat in the back and the young lass in the seat was hanging right over the side with the wind in her hair. Lovely family scene of mother and child out enjoying some healthful exercise on a safe path.


Now for the good bits.

Mum's helmet was hanging off her handle bars.

There was no sign of a helmet for the child at all.

And just to cap it off, the kid wasn't even strapped into the baby seat.


Maybe I'm just an over protective parent.

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If only!

The stitches come out today and I am not looking forward to it. Perhaps if someone had compelled me to elbow pad up...

**reply deleted**

I think it's time for me to dump this forum

So helmets aren't necessary huh? Drop that kid from the height of the bike seat, head first into the ground. Go on, do it. According to your logic she'd be perfectly safe. Considering she wasn't strapped in this is an eminent possibility. Clearly a lot of people think they're tough enough to stick it to the tarmac without a helmet, sure, go for your life. But seriously think about that kid.

Fair point Patrick - If the freedom of choice thing was present I think I would still wear a helmet every time - personally its not such a big deal. I haven't read through every comment but I would just like to make a point that may have been overlooked. Head injurys have an impact on emergency services and medical professionals. These guys are busy enough and if the laws were relaxed I could picture their "eyes rolling back"

If we lived our lives so that ambos and medicos didn't get upset we would all be wrapped in cotton wool and never leave our unfurnished, unelectrified, unheated homes. It's time for this noisy minority to Belgian up so that the rest of us can get on with it.

I don't think these people need to toughen up. They see some gruesome accident scenes in their day to day duties.

Jobs that they choose to be in. Don't take a job and immediately start complaining about the working conditions. As I said, if it were up to the nannies in the medical profession we would have fewer choices about the way we choose to live (and die)

IMO there's only one good thing about Amsterdam and it aint the lack of helmets (or the porn). I wonder how many people have been killed by eating one of their special brownies...

Whats the likelihood that if you had an accident with your bike and her, she would be the one suing you for damages even though she wasn't wearing the helmet and neither was her child?

Another great reason to keep this law in place. I mean, why not make seatbelts illegal? Hell, even optional on cars? Save a few bucks for the local manufacturers.


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