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I think it is a great idea. if you do wrong you get busted. Im sick of seeing d%^&head cyclists doing dumb things and making the rest us look bad.

While they were at it they should have done him for

1. Sleeveless top on  a road bike

2. Visor on a helmet while riding a road bike

3. No socks. if you don't have socks on how can you get the appropriate sock height!

Cops need to carry a copy of the other rules and read these people the riot act. When one of us looks bad we all look bad.

It's hard to tell, but I think he's riding a single speed (there doesn't seem to be a rear derailleur). Therefore, the above rules don't apply. :)

Great idea, I see arrogant cyclist riding thru Red lights, etc, etc. evirtually every time I ride (which is often). And as far as the Rugby tackle goes, must have been an under 10's, he's still standing !

I think it's a great idea. If you don't want to get rugby tackled by police in the middle of an intersection, don't break the law.

I wonder if he was running Strava ...

Depends on what you are calling the problem... Cyclists blatantly disobeying the law?  Yes, we have them unfortunately. Police tackling the lawbreaking cyclists.. haven't seen it happen but I don't consider this a problem. Good on them. No different than chasing any other criminal where they tackle them to the ground. If they didn't take this action what's to stop the cyclist riding away. Maybe rego and numberplates on bikes is the answer .... oops didn't really mean that. But it just adds to the argument to bring it in.

Seriously? You equate a minor driving offence to criminals who need tackling to the ground? Well we better set up a permanent command station at the Rundle Mall/Street and King William intersection and have teams of police rugby tackling all those "criminals" who fail to cross at the lights after they have alighted from the tram.

This is an over the top response. The article talks of bike lanes being used as lawless express lanes; lawless, give me a break, pure hyperbole. This is a typical rant against cyclists because it is out of proportion to the problem, there are far more frequent transgressions on the road by drivers and they have far greater implications, but because cars ar king, it's cyclists who are the problem. Even pedestrians are a bigger problem in terms of the frequency they cross against red lights. It's a BS story that fuels the perception of cyclists as a lawless problem.

None of this is an excuse for running red lights, but it's hardly a measured response by the police or press.

"- it's a couple of beers, isn't it?" F@@k me, how much do they pay for beer there????

Police try to rugby tackle a cyclist who choses to ride instead of drive to work cos is in a sydney bike lane which pretty much invite you to run red lights as there is no left merging lane so no real point in stopping. Ive lived in Stressed Kidney Sydney and its so fast to ride those bike lanes. Ive had bike cops try and pull me over but Id rather spend my money supporting organic fruit industry so kept going. Not saying thats the right thing to do but thats what I've done on many occasions. Same in NYC. In Bangkok they don't even care.

Why don't we target parents that smoke infront of their children? I agree that it can be very dangerous to run red lights BUT some of these bike lanes in Sydney stoppy at the red light is pretty pointless if you are a cyclist as there is no traffic coming from the left and the traffic turning from the right can't go into the bike lane anyways. Here on the Gold Coast hardly any cyclists on mountain bikes or beach cruisers wear helmets. The cops don't care. You don't have to wear a helmet up here but I do cos its just common sense safety. 

Hi Durian Rider

I can't see from the article if the cyclist was turning left at a red light (which is illegal, but pretty safe), or going straight at a red light (which is illegal and dangerous).  If we're going to give leeway to cyclists - why not motor bikes and cars?

I think cyclists that flout the law (and that may include you) give 'the rest of us' a bad name.  However, you're only really at risk to yourself.  The damage to a car is fairly minimal if you're run over - mind you the medical bills will be huge if you survive and they are paid by the taxpayer!

Not that I run red lights, but my bike can weigh over 80Kg if it's loaded and if get a good head of speed good luck stopping me with a rugby tackle.

Oh - be careful the cops in NYC don't taser you!


For my 2 cents worth. It's cyclists breaking road laws which go some way to making everyone else hate us.  If you want to be accepted, you've got to follow the laws, no matter if they are stupid or irrelevant. I've walked around the Sydney CBD a lot and as a pedestrian you take your life into your hands with the number of cyclists bombing about all over the place. (But it is still good to see so may cyclists too!)

Of course if you could point out traffic statistics which show all these pedestrian deaths at the hands of cyclists it would bolster your case ("take your life into your hands") - I thought the biggest (in fact only) killer of pedestrians in the Sydney CBD was motor vehicles.

It is not bullshit. Motorists do not all hate us simply for being there. I am sick of hearing from stupid cyclists who think that their illegal actions have no impact on anyone else. That is what is bullshit.


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