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It took Coles about 16 years of applications to finally get approval to build Coles at a reduced size from what was originally planned.
Blackwood has the most round about infrastructure compared with anywhere :-s

Can't say I have ever had an issue with car parking in Blackwood, half the suburb is car parks! I would argue public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure could be drastically improved. If only there was someone running for council who would focus on these issues....

Hi Rob, maybe I might be able to help with that? I live in Eden Hills, cycle to work a couple of times a week and do a fair bit of walking to and from train stations and around the local area. I'm running for election to Craigburn Ward, City of Mitcham.

For more information about me, and about what I represent, please visit You can find further contact details for me on the website.



Hi Katie, just so this doesn't look scripted, I know you are are running, just being cheeky. =p


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