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Hannan Cycles?
Up until fairly recently there was a euride store which has now closed, so possibly not.
Possibly. There used to be a few. A bit annoying when you need a part in a hurry and have to head down the hill.

I wish there was still a bike shop in Blackwood. 

The fact that the last 3 or 4 have all closed down would suggest they haven't been supported and so I guess there isn't the demand for one

You would think given the massive concentration of Mountain Bikers in that area there would be. Euride seemed way to road for that area.

Even if someone sold good quality "road", MTB and 700c x 35 tubes, and patches, and CO2 capsules.

they could potentially turn over about $200 a week less overheads

Blackwood has fluctuated between one and two bike stores at least for the last 25 years, sadly we are down to none. Cyclerider was the staple throughout that period and my choice throughout this period, nonsense, quick service.

Mitcham cycles is a little ride, but worth the visit for good service and honest advice.

Wow, never re-read your posts, sorry about all the errors above!

Blackwood certainly has a high number of cafes for a small area. Its a nice place to start and finish a ride and the Blackwood Gruppetto have been doing this for several years. Traditionallg Blackwood had Mega Bike up there twice and the Cyclerider was there for many years and had a firm foot hold up there during the BMX heyday of the 80s. Still lots of cyclists live in the area. The advent of the internet has seen people buy cycle sundries online rather than from a shop front. The idea of a shop front can only be viable if it offers a complete range of not only bike service but fitness needs to make a better rider and offer cycling workshops etc. More than just selling bikes.

Blackwood is lacking in numerous areas. Traffic management, car parking and a decent supermarket. 


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