"Cities around the world can't even put in a separated cycle track, widen a
sidewalk, implement traffic calming measures or lower speed limits – because it
doesn't fit into some computer-generated mathematical model down in the
engineering department."

 Who said Adelaide???

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This quote is poignant:

I hear the same thing all over the world. Those damn cyclists. Breaking the law, running red lights, riding on sidewalks. Shaking the very foundations of our society with their behaviour. Well, I have one, simple response to that. Those cyclists haven't been given adequate infrastructure – or worse... none at all. Not to mention the fact that they are forced to abide by car-centric laws.

Too right. Having lived a ridden a bike in Copenhagen for many years, hardly ever having found myself 'breaking the law' (red lights, pavements etc.), I now constantly find myself riding in Adelaide and having to constrain myself from not doing so (which I mostly succeed in). Not because I have changed, but because this city is so truly anti-cycling friendly that it is seriously difficult not to 'bend' the rules and take maneuvres to in order not to get run over or generally move forward.


  • Traffic lights that don't change unless you are a car.
  • Bike lanes that stops and force you to take your space and slow down cars.
  • Car drivers being so complete ignorant that you have to noticed by them to avoid being run down.
  • Constant conflicts with cars stopped/parked in bike lanes


It was the "car-centric laws" bit that really stood out for me.

Bicycles clearly are not cars and thus can utilize the road/shared/whatever space quite differently, but yet cyclists are hobbled by so called car-centric laws...

Hey, but if we want to be respected then yada, yada, yada. Bicycle Victoria lobbied the Victorian Government to increase fines for cyclists (for cycling specific fines, like helmet fines, having no bell fines) and to get parity with motorists for all other fines. Now Victorian cyclists are the most respected cyclists in Australia - just ask Shane Warne.

And just for a kicker after BVs stunning success in making cycling even more hostile on the roads of Victoria, they are shocked, shocked I tells ya, that the cycling budget was slashed...

As to "Well, I have one, simple response to that." - How about "Get on yer bike"? and join the ranks of the cycling scofflaws.

Just waiting for NSW to follow suit - the brainiacs there seems about as smart.

BTW - any tips on riding *over* cars? Always wanted to try that :-)


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